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16.03.2019 Feature Article

Attacks On Ebola Treatment Center And The Fight To Control Lassa Fever In Nigeria

Right, an Ebola and Lassa fever victimsRight, an Ebola and Lassa fever victims
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In the past few months, Ebola medical centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo is under constant attack. The latest attack happened at a treatment center in North Kivu, by an armed militia, leaving one Congolese police officer dead.

According to a report from the Associated Press, an untold number of staff members working at the center were also wounded in the attack.

The attack is the second in two weeks at the center, clear indication violence against healthcare workers and Ebola victims in the DRC remains one of the biggest obstacles the world faces in stopping the spread of the deadly disease.

“It breaks my heart to think of the health workers injured and a police officer who died in today’s attack,” said the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, but the World Health Organization’s Director-General finds it hard to tell the world the truth about Ebola.

For example, almost the entire world, including Africa, know that bats are not responsible for the deadly virus in Africa, but simply a biological weapon by the US government.

Another important fact is that the Congolese don’t have trust any longer for the health officers. Why always Africa? And why those things which are always impossible in the developed world is possible in Africa?

The US government depending on its project for global depopulation has taken the opportunity to use poverty and other diseases in Africa, by unleashing Ebola in Africa’s population to reduce the population and control the continent’s vast rich resources.

Unfortunately, it’s the same African leaders who have made it possible since the US government provides funds to assist the fight against HIV-Aids and Ebola in Africa. If they reject the Aids and Ebola financial assistance from the US government, Africa will be free from the threat of any biological weapon.

The US government has provided an Ebola detector device, to all the 50 States in America. If they really love Africans and wouldn’t like the disease to kill them or spread, why they haven’t provided each African country the same Ebola detector?

Instead, the US government is enjoying the submissiveness of African leaders, in order to commit their crimes in Africa, and then, in turn, betray the African leaders and the continent as corrupt and ‘Shithole’ nations, surprisingly, African leaders never learn any lesson.

Yet, according to Tedros Gebreyesus, the motive behind the attack hasn’t been uncovered. What a betrayer and a professional liar?

Meanwhile, Nigeria is battling to control disease outbreaks like Lassa fever. According to the World Health Organization, the first case of Lassa fever in Nigeria was recorded in 1969 and it’s a zoonotic disease endemic to West Africa, the disease was named after the town in Nigeria where the first case occurred.

Africa continues to suffer because they put all their trust in the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. The fact is, highly educated people around the globe, including scientists, are aware that Aids, Ebola, and Lassa fever viruses, were already created in a ‘Special Virus Cancer Laboratories” by the U.S, Germany, France, and Russia governments, and tested on Africans, in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes.

Why Lassa fever? It’s very easy for the World Health Organization to convince Africans about that. The biological weapon similar to hemorrhagic fever, which often victims bleed to death was first tested in 1969, in a place in Nigeria called Lassa, hence, it’s known as Lassa fever. The same way, the Ebola biological weapon was first tested in Congo near River Ebola in 1976, thus; the disease became known as Ebola.

Probably many enthusiastic health fans or Doubting Thomases would like to know the source of my information. I had them from both the Dutch scientist, Johan Van Dongen and the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler, after my visit to Holland and Germany.

Before Africa will be a successful continent, the people must first change their attitude and begin to trust their own people than foreign powers. Everyone knows that corruption is in Africa but African leaders don’t prepare biological weapons to kill the citizens.

Joel Savage
Joel Savage, © 2019

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