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10.03.2019 Feature Article

Government Should Intensify Teachers” Incentives

Government Should Intensify Teachers” Incentives
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Upon the positive impartation of our teachers, we still find it tricky, to track it, to crack it, for the good work done by them. I do not know the reason why the populace of this nation had embedded the annoying adage that says “Teachers remuneration is above or is in heaven”

Over the years, Ghana government has motivated our teachers to eschew lackadaisical approach in teaching. Industrious teachers have improved over the years, but considering the workload on them, especially those in boarding schools who have to combine research, preparation of scheme of work and daily lesson notes, teaching, marking, scoring and grading of students with academic and psychological counseling, as well as moving to and from hospital when students fall ill. It can be concluded without any shred of dissent that teachers have not been treated fairly over the years, vis-à-vis to their mates in other professions and vocations.

Now, by the nature of teachers training, they are so generous to their pupils and students to the extent that there are many of the them who cannot afford to look on while students drop out of school because of their inability to pay fees and thus pay the fees for such students.

Fortunately, the Free Senior High School programme that was initiated by NPP government has come to relieve parents and teachers of the burden of paying fees. But anytime incentives and better condition of service for teachers are mentioned, the refrain has been that their numbers are too many for the country’s budget.

Meanwhile. Much as I appreciate the concerted effort by the government, I reason that a look should be taken at especially the basic level of education to induced or incentivize the teachers there as well as to adequately prepare the children for Senior High School level for the betterment of this so called pensioner country Ghana.

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