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26.02.2019 Politics

RTI Bill Implementation To Cost ¢750m—Parliament Report

By Staff Writer
RTI Bill Implementation To Cost ¢750m—Parliament Report

The implementation of the Right to Information (RTI) Bill into law will cost government some ¢750 million over the next five years, a research conducted by Parliament has found. This cost is in reference to the likely cost associated with the policy of establishing and operating an office for the RTI Commission in the next five years.

According to the research, “the overall expenditure for establishing the Right to Information Commission and its administrative cost is the total addition of all components of cost.

“These costs are the costs incurred in paying salaries to all personnel and the cost involved in acquiring logistics, maintaining assets and rent as well as the cost of employing the Executive Secretary to efficiently manage and operate the office,” Parliament’s research said.

“The total cost for the next five years in present-day value is estimated at ¢750,746,327.48,” the research added.

The research added, however, that if any of the underlying assumptions should change, the estimated cost will also be adjusted.

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