Meet Moses Antwi: The Man Behind Asunafo South District And NADMO Abroad Scholarship

By Appiah-Kubi Sylvester
Regional News Meet Moses Antwi: The Man Behind Asunafo South District And NADMO Abroad Scholarship
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Moses Antwi popularly known as Nana Moses II is currently a postgraduate student of Shandong University of Science and Technology. Born on November 23, 1993 Moses was raised at Goaso to Mr. Sylvester Acheampong and Mrs. Comfort Antwiwaa. He hailed from Dantano a small community in Asunafo South District of Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Moses started his career at an early age. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering, from Shandong University of Science and Technology Qingdao-Huangdao, China, having studied Network Security, Computer Network, Circuit Analysis, Antenna principles, Television Production, he worked as CEO for Dream for all Foundation.

On the 19th day of November 2017, he was appointed as District Representative by Hon.Osei Bonsu Snr, Asunafo South District Chief Executive to help the District in matters relating to investment attraction in China, where he led the district to secures five years’ scholarships deal for every Ghanaian student who wished to school abroad. August 28, 2018 — The Asunafo South Abroad Scholarship program awards $87,384.76 in scholarships to 5 exceptional students to study abroad.

Apart from his role as the CEO and also District Representative, he served as Financial Aid Consultant for some of Chinese universities and companies. He also worked with several organizations where he provides strategic solutions on how to maximize their exposure and profits globally. He is widely considered among his peers to be one of the most innovative young professionals of today.

In September 2018, he received a postgraduate scholarship from Qingdao Municipal Government to continue his education, where he is mastering in Communication and Information Systems Engineering, research in Signal and Information Processing, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Software-defined Radios, Intelligent Information Processing, Sensors and Wireless Sensor Networks, Positioning and GNSS, Internet of Things (IoT), Speech Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks and Data Communications.

January 2019, Mr. Moses Antwi who is popularly known as Nana Moses II acquired another scholarship deal for National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) for its staffs to study engineering programs outside the country.

Moses’s Inspiration:

Moses reveals that scholarship from Government or Getfund has been very challenging for students in rural areas in Ghana. You know our situation as students from rural areas - we have financial difficulties and all that - so sometimes, growing up, you will face many challenges.

He said, “It is very difficult, particularly if you didn't grow up in a wealthy family or big city, you have to struggle your way through and in Ghana to get financial aid to study abroad as a student from rural areas depend on who you know." However, his inspirations are from numerous rural students around the world who has made it.

He said, “This superpower provides indisputable evidence not just of who I am today and capability to lead but that my contribution is now widely recognized and welcomed in the field of financial aid.”

Moses’ work:

He revealed that cooperation with many leaders around the world is amazing. He said, he always receives advice from many leaders who have respect and much involvement in each other’s businesses.

According to him, they discuss their opinions as well as objections regarding how to help young people in rural areas and also to make sure his responsibilities stay right on track.

to school abroad. He will also like to use his foundation to help rural outstanding athletes to get financial aid for their studies.wish Moses plans to launch an overseas scholarship program in rural areas that would help to make international education accessible and more affordable for every Ghanaian student.