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27.11.2005 General News

An Impotent Man Cannot Be A Catholic Priest

By pFm
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His Eminence, Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson, has admitted that although some people did not expect him to drive himself having been ordained Cardinal, “I still drive myself to the office. I take a walk and jog whenever I want to.

I don't think I live a different life now. Sometimes, I strum my guitar and watch moves. I recognize that naturally, people will stare at me if I walk in town, but I do all of those not to spite anybody, I like to be myself.”

These were some of the frank answers from Cardinal Turkson in an interview he granted to newsmen. On Roman Catholic priests and women, the Cardinal had this view, “a relationship with women is one issue, admitting women into priesthood is another, and then also, is the issue of the role of women in the body of the Catholic Church. I have many women friends.

I have a lot of girlfriends. What is important is self-control. In point of fact, if a young man decides to be a Roman Catholic priest and is found to be impotent, he would be disqualified.”