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28.11.2005 Disaster

Kufuor Is A Disaster

By National Democrat
Kufuor Is A Disaster
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A leading member of the New Patriotic Party (the NPP) who is also a Cabinet Minister has described President Kufuor as a 'disastrous President'. “Not even in our wildest imagination, did we believe that so much scandal would be associated with him within five years.

“He has only been in office for five years but see the number of scandals that have surrounded him: the hotel scandal, his twins with Madam Yajzi and now this kickback exposure” fumed the Cabinet Minister in an interview with the Democrat in Accra last Friday. He said many of the Cabinet Ministers are pissed off with the President particularly because he doesn't seem to care abut the image or the future of the party.

“It is as if after 2008, the NPP can go to hell.

Look at all the mess he is creating now…the NDC would make capital out of it come the 2008 campaign. Edumadzie, Anane, IC Quaye and Bamba are all a blot on the image of the party. The Cabinet Minister believes that the image and credibility of the NPP is in tartars. “now, it is hard to defend the party” he said” and now Hon Eric Amoateng has not helped matters.”

“Of course we all secretly prayed like P.C. Ofori said that it should not be an NPP MP when he first heard of the matter but alas, our worst fears were confirmed and this has come to add to the woes Kufuor is creating for us. “Notice how the focus has shifted from the rift in the NDC to the scandals rocking us? Kufuor is a disaster” he concluded.

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