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Dec 4, 2018 | Press Statement

All Die Be Die,we Are Fully Ready To Face Nana Adu Kofi Iii,the Chief Of Our Land ---Assembly Man Of Nnwase

By Nana Brempong-Kesse

Nkoranza south-B/A - According to the Assemblyman of Nnwase who rules about eleven (11)communities as an Assembly member in the Nkoranza south municipality, said for about twenty six years as at now,the eleven communities like, Nnwase, Dwenewoho, Makyinmabre, Apiesua, Anama, Bremen 1, Bremen 2, Dweneto etc paid 11 Sheep for a special sacrifice which will enable the said communities to bring animals like sheep, Goat, Dog to their communities.

Hon. Peter Sanguru said at the press conference, initially, all the 11 communities can't bring the said animals to the Land of Nana Adu Kofi III, Ate koanohene, but after the communities were able to pay the 11sheep to the Chief, Nana Adu Kofi III (Ate koanohene) of the land as a sacrifice, he requested another compensation from the same communities to paid 55 goat's before they can bring those animals to the land and they did exactly as he commanded, but not even a year now, the Chief, Nana Adu Kofi III. is now giving them(the communities)mandate to remove all the animals from their community.

This has caused a great controversy and headlock to the communities and now the leader of the press conference, Mr Peter Sanguru ,(Hon) Assembly member of the area and the people of the area are very angry and furious on the Chief of the area Nana Adu Kofi as Ate koanohene to come out to explain why they should remove all the animals after been paid whatever he requested from their forefathers as well from them too.

According to the Hon Peter K.Sanguru, they are fully ready waiting for him, Nana Adu Kofi III. in any move or actions from him.

And moreover, if he wants them to remove the said animals, then he must to pay them back their animals and would be double (times two)110 goats they needed not that they're not ready today nor tomorrow to take off those animals from the area precisely his Land.

The 11 communities are now calling on all the traditional leader's in Ghana as well as Nkoranza traditional council, all the leaders in Ghana before things get worse.

According to them, they're not ready to fight with anyone but if it happens, they shall there waiting for either good or bad situation.

Source............Nana Brempong-Kesse*

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