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02.10.2018 Feature Article

Ghana is up for sale!

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“…and now we come to a very sad story of a country once set to be leading Africa and the world, but ruined by their own people…”, was the Auctioneer announcing covered in a shining light with wide opened eyes. He looked around the conference room in which representatives from major countries had gathered. “Ghana…is up for sale to the highest bidder.”

“We Europeans have invested in Africa, especially in Ghana, in the past hundred years money, people and labour for which reason we should be the once to take Ghana back into our hands,” did Lord Peter Astor from UK raise his voice and hands.

“You Europeans…what did you do in the last centuries?” turned James Trump towards Lord Peter Astor in disgust. “We have given AID support, send our soldiers into conflict zones onto the black continent, and lost our blood…that makes us the rightful owner of Africa.”

Xi Lee Ping stood up with his arms raised, his voice high up and grim looks: “In the past years it was our country that had developed Africa, given loan, labour, developed the infrastructure of Ghana and established perfect business relationships with many companies and consumers in Ghana…that makes us the right people to buy Ghana and make it our own.”

Kwame and Fred were sitting in the back of the room watching over the Delegates with confused minds of what was going own before their own very eyes, feeling somehow helpless.

“I was reading the other day on social media that the USD 11 Mio. Elmina fish factory is now only producing ice-blocks instead of frozen fish as propagated in media months ago. I also read that First Allied in Kumasi got picked by customers for locking up their money. That Menzgold Limited seems to have problems with their license from the SEC. Also, that the Bank of Ghana is having a very critical look at some Savings and Loans Organization and fears of their collapse,” said Kwame worried and concerned.

Fred added to his fears while seeing before him the intense fight of the Super Powers over the small country of Ghana to be handed over to them: “I read the other day on the Facebook Page of Dr. Papa Kwasi Ndum of GN Bank and Gold Coast Management begging his customers to exercise patience as his Organization has done everything in a professional and honest manner investing money in Government projects and alike.”

“To give loans to financially weak Governments and in the setting of African Society like we are, to the Political Elite, is poorly mismanaging customer’s money and trust. How do you want to get back the money given to build a bridge or a road? You want to take Government to court for not paying interest and the loan back in time you need it for your own operation…come on…someone like that must be joking,” got Kwame angry while hearing the Bidders in front of him talking so bad about his motherland.

“When the Leaders of East-Germany, the former GDR, had lost the moral leadership over their people, the fight between Socialism and Communism against capitalism, they turned 1970 to West-Germany for help and took loan after loan to make their own people happy and stay in power, only to realize, twenty years down the line, their country was united again with the West by the force of their people,” reminded Fred his friend.

The Auctioneer was just about to close the case in favour of the Chinese representative when the door got opened and a tall, white man entered the room gracefully. He seemed not to have been sent by any Government, was all by himself except a shining light backed him. Voices silenced, all eyes were on the unknown man.

“History is there to learn from…isn´t it?” asked Kwame whispering.

“Yes, so it should be!” “Will be Black ever learn from History?” asked Kwame again trying to imagine where the unknown man came from. To him he was somehow familiar like a longtime friend.

“Oh, my good Brother, what big question? I fear when I observe the reality very well…not in the foreseeable future.”

“Is there hope?” wanted Kwame finally to know.

“Hope is always the force behind development…so one day when we Black have become wise people, with the help from outside or by our own mind change…hope will manifest itself in our society and lift us up above old societies very well.”

“So, you mean my Brother…it all depends on us…right?”

“Yes…we wanted independence…we got it…now we have to live with it and manage our own affairs well or as long as we cannot do it ourselves, have to ask qualified people regardless of colour or belief to come, mandate them to serve on our behalf and manage our country…and as long as they do this to our own benefit, they can stay…only as long as we have no own personnel to do the job as they can do. For this we do not need to feel ashamed but demonstrate our maturity to accept our weaknesses and work on our strength.”

The Auctioneer congratulated the unknown white man and closed the meeting.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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