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13.10.2005 Politics

Rawlings Warns Party Hijackers “Stop The Unscrupulous Behaviour”

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The Founder of the NDC, H.E. Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings has sent a note of warning to all characters bent on using unscrupulous means to hijack the NDC to put an end to their conduct forthwith.

“The attempt to use crude, unscrupulous and undemocratic practices to hijack the leadership of the party must not be countenanced by the genuine lovers of the party,” President Rawlings said.

The Founder of the party, in an exclusive interview with the Crystal Clear Lens, was commenting on some recent unhealthy developments within the NDC.

He said he will soon cause to be issued a full fledged statement to articulate more completely his concerns about the way certain greedy and dangerous individuals are putting their selfish agenda before the collective interest of the party just because they can sense that the party is pois! ed for victory at the next general elections.

“Even though, many of these people contributed little to the survival of the NDC since the party lost power in 2000, they have started sensing that the party's victory is in sight; and knowing they cannot emerge in any free and fair democratic contest, they have therefore decided to use unscrupulous and unconstitutional means to take hold of the leadership of the party,” he explained.

“The use of Takashi must stop,” the founder stated.

He explained that many of the characters indulging in these unconscionable acts seem emboldened by the fact that the NDC failed to resist NPP's use of subterfuge, fraud and violence to win the 2004 elections.

“Their thinking is that since the party could not resist NPP's blatant show of force and subterfuge, they might as well use the same means to have their way in the NDC contrary to the will of the masses” the NDC founder said.

Stop Politicizing World Cup Berth Public Tells NPP Officials

Lens Monitoring Desk

Reactions of members of the public monitored on various radio stations strongly indicate that Ghanaians are in no mood to allow the NPP government to unduly politicize the world cup attainment feat chalked by the senior national football team, The Black Stars.

Former GFA chairman and maverick NPP guru, Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe, in what is being widely interpreted as an attempt to politicize the achievement of the Black Stars, boasted that the feat would not have been possible but for the commitment of the NPP government in paying the full bonuses of the players and officials of the team.

President Kufuor, while hosting the triumphant Black Stars, had subtly hinted at the same thing even though he attempted to sound like a unifier by calling on all Ghanaians regardless of political affiliations to s! avour the moment of pride and glory.

A few NPP serial callers have also been heard on various networks extolling the virtues of the NPP regime in masterminding the achievement of the team.

These opportunistic claims run totally contrary to the declaration of the members of the team themselves. The Captain of the Black Stars, Steven Appiah, has stressed time and time again that the secret behind the success of the team has been the rich bond of camaraderie and unity that existed among members of team and officials. He explained that material considerations like hefty bonuses may have played a part but the critical determinant had been the sense of unity that has spurred them to fight for each other and make a name for themselves.

The overwhelming majority of callers into Joy Fm Super Morning show yesterday seriously condemned attempts being made by the President and his men to make political capital out of the victory.

Ace football commentator, Kwabena Yeboah had earlier on Monday on the same program, made a passionate appeal to politicians not to politicize the only thing that continues to cut across the gaping divide that partisanship has brought into the country. “Football is the only thing that unites us at the moment. Please let us do everything possible not to politicize that as well in the wake of the Victory by the Black Stars.”

Kwabena's good counsel obviously fell on deaf ears, as officials of the NPP including the dismissed F.A. chairman, Nyaho Tamakloe, started falling over each other in an attempt to claim personal credit and also laud their government for single-handedly chalking the spectacular feat.

“Stephen Appiah, the captain of the team emerged from Hearts of Oak a club whose board chairman is a leading member of NDC. Should the NDC start claiming credit as well,” queried an obvious! ly frustrated gentleman.

“If they are so eager to claim credit for this success, why do they refuse to accept responsibility for the 9th May Stadium disaster?” was the thought provoking question of another caller.

By and large, the sentiments expressed on Joy and other networks pointed to the fact that the success of the senior national team is a national success and not a partisan one. This is how some of the callers summed it all up: “If the Kufuor government wants to claim the victory for itself, then a time is coming soon when individual players who do not support the NPP will refuse to don the national colours since their party is not in power.”

How much more polarization of the country does the NPP government want? Have they not divided this country enough?