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Opinion | Aug 16, 2018

Martin Amidu Must Investigate Corrupt Haruna Iddrisu

Martin Amidu Must Investigate Corrupt Haruna Iddrisu

Haruna Iddrisu cannot extricate himself from the corruption that had riddled the erstwhile NDC governments of 2008 and 2012. Recently, his calls seemed to insinuate that he backed the candidacy of a more iconic character of dubiousness in his umbrella party against John DramaniMahama (eii, His Excellency ooo, sorry).

It somehow smacked of gross double entendre, albeit undecided on which stake to be impaled at.And Martin Amidu would spar with the nation as if he were toying with the job of special prosecutor. Does he not know that Haruna Iddrisu began politics directly after completing university? What did he have at all that he should be filthy rich now?

Martin Amidu seems to be living in a cloud shrouded by the fluff of power and prestige. Tamale has recorded a gross amassment of wealth by shoeless vagabonds turned politicians. In the case of HarunaIddrisu, there are so many allegations of impropriety, some being indicated by indiscriminate profligacy and mass acquisition of landed property. The flats that it is said he owns at Vitin and other places in Tamale speak a lot. Just like HuduYahya, who acquired the Tamale Guest House around Kalpohinealong the Residency Road, which he subsequently renamed TOAHZI after his grandfather. Of course it was said that he muscled it from many hungry and greedy bastards at the time (during the PNDC era).

Besides, who cares what his position is with regards to the obnoxious NDC party candidates. The very candidates who have reared their square heads cannot fit in the round holes of reason at all. Joshua Alabi, in spite of his big mouth and half kilo lips cannot explain the tens of millions of dollars that dissipated under his chairmanship at SSNIT. Soon, he would be implicated as the shamed cat gradually lets itself out of the bag. No matter how long dust is kept under the carpet, when it is struck, the nose will definitely sneeze.

Alban Bagbin is really no less a sissy than a shamed makola sex worker! Chai, the man cannot hold on to a woman long enough than someone hurtles along and leisurely snatches her away. If you cannot control your secretary how do you expect to have the wisdom to control a whole nation? This Alban Bagbin guy is not a funny joke at all.

SpioGabrah it is said commands more sense than the rest. I beg to differ, he was an abysmal failure as minister of trade and minister of communications. When he was minister of education, illiteracy skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. Under his watch, biology students did not even know what a gynaecologist was. It was said that his greed was worrisome. Rawlings even had reservations about his dishonesty, allegedly.

And KwesiBotchwey cannot be forgotten. His era saw the worst depreciation of the Cedi. In fact, during his time, the cedi depreciated 300% in less than one month. Many people lost their financial muscle and many others committed suicide. How can this draconian failure be President of Ghana? NDCfo) abr3 oooo 3ne amne3 hunu.

Martin Amidu knows these people all too well. He should spare us the complaints and the whining, and go for their heads. They must be brought to book for all the mischievousness and malfeasance cum misfeasance that they brought to suffer upon the poor Ghanaian all the years that they had assumed power.

Oh and Sylvester Mensah! The dude, it was claimed, was a toothless thief. All the theft that allegedly took place at NHIA under Sylvester Mensah must be investigated. Martin Amidu, however, seems to be comfortable in his swivel chair throwing a fit where it is not needed and echoing tantrums instead of firing at the job on the ground.

But for Sylvester Mensah to bamboozle Ghanaians, such is a farfetched unachievable ambition! He wants to use the stolen booty to become president. Herh, anka )b3te kpe333. Last but not the least, there is the famous “American boggalatrician”. His case is a bit serious. He just might electrocute the whole nation with his dunderheadedness.

Well, let them tickle themselves, NPP is in for a long time to come.


Fadi Dabbousi Samih
Fadi Dabbousi Samih, © 2018

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