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09.08.2018 Feature Article

Understanding The Ministry Of Jesus Christ Of Individuals Within The Church

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The creation of the religious institutions or religion is caused by Satan influenced spirit's and ego of men to thwart the effort or organic evolution and growth of the Body of Jesus Christ, THE BRIDE, CHURCH. That's the gates of hell trying or have tried to go against the CHURCH'S mission.

Brethren, I will attempt to have two examples of the organic CHURCH building which religion has got it wrong from the AGES starting with Constantine. It's got so badly wrong that it seems the CHURCH and the ultimate RECOVERING of her life is impossible.

First natural example is a RIVER, say NILE or EUPHRATES.

These rivers both take their sources from the high MOUNTAINS of certain countries and meandering their way and through diverse separation due to the topographical conditions they both have to go through yet. YET these rivers both enters the sea or OCEAN as one and the same RIVER.

Take Note: even though the outliets of the River haven passed through different lands with different names will entire the OCEAN with its original NAME.

The SPIRITUAL significance of the similarities and characters is that just as the rivers; the CHURCH DESPITE her being humanly and systemically interfered with will end up with a greater portion of it RECOVERED and AS United in JESUS CHRIST as planned by GOD ALMIGHTY for us HIS children or BELIEVERS.

Keeping its name as it was from the beginnings till it's consumed into HIS PLANS FOR US AS BELIEVERS. The Spirit of the MOST HIGH will make that POSSIBLE. Religion and those of the churches which will fail to REPENT and returned to the Father will suffer persecution and taking through the END time furnace to bring out the gold OUT OF THE CARE for USE by the ROYALTY OF GOD.

Everything else which doesn't meet the CHURCH LIFE or measures as FITTING utensil in the PALACE OF GOD will be cast out to be of NO use to GOD. Meanwhile, the CHURCH will reward all THOSE WHO THOROUGHLY SURRENDERED TO HIM and worked obediently to the END.

They will be worth BEING with GOD FOREVER. Tomorrow GOD ALMIGHTY willing we will take the second example and begin from where GOD started with JESUS CHRIST, the HOLY SPIRIT, , THE FATHER, and the disciples or WORKERS. SHALOM.

Jude Thaddeus Taylor
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