19.09.2005 General News

Road Traffic law comes into effect

By Public Agenda
Road Traffic law comes into effect
LISTEN SEP 19, 2005

The Road Traffic Act 2004, Act 683 comes into force on Monday September 19, 2005.

From Monday any drivers plying on the road cannot use a mobile phone, they cannot put a child on their lap whilst driving nor can a child below the age of fifteen sit on a passenger seat beside the driver.

The act will enforce the rule that all passengers should have their seat belts on.

In addition drivers would be required to carry on their vehicles all necessary accessories like fire extinguishers and genuine driving license.

Again no driver would be allowed to drive when he or she is improperly dressed.

Commanding officer of the Motor Traffic and Transport Union- MTTU, Chief Superintendent Victor Tandoh announced these at an education programme for drivers in Accra at the weekend.

The act deals with restrictions on road use in the interest of Road safety, registration and licensing of motor vehicles and trailers, licensing of drivers of motor vehicles, test of vehicles and issuance of road use certificates and licensing of drivers of commercial vehicles.

A stern looking and tough talking Superintendent Tandoh told the drivers bluntly,” there is no option for a fine when the new Road Traffic Regulation 2004, Act 683, comes into force but a three or more years imprisonment”.

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