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17.08.2005 General News

Gizelle’s name missing on BA flight

JOYNEWS investigations suggest that American-Iraqi former presidential advisor's reservations on Thursday's British Airways Flight to Ghana have been cancelled. Gizelle Yajzi told JOYNEWS on Tuesday that she would arrive on a BA flight at 7:55pm on Thursday but checks at the BA office in Accra suggest she may not arrive on that flight. JOYNEWS enquiries have revealed that although Madam Yajzi made reservations on Friday through American Airlines, which has a code sharing agreement with BA, the reservations were cancelled last night. This revelation comes in the wake of allegations by Madam Yajzi that Ghana's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Isaac Osei had impressed upon B.A. officials not to allow her to board the flight because her visa expires on Sunday. But Ghana's High Commissioner to the UK, Isaac Osei told JOY News Madam Yajzi's allegations were unfounded. “This is preposterous, it's a complete lie, and I don't know the lady and no official here can instruct British Airways, a private company to do our bidding. I think everybody should be able to see facts from falsehood. I'm shocked that anybody could make an allegation of this sort. The High Commission has not been involved at all with this lady,” he said. Madam Yajzi says her mission is to make available evidence linking the president to the building complex known now as “Hotel Kufuor”. Even before she arrives to meet officials of CHRAJ, a section of the public has raised doubts about her credibility pointing to conflicting statements she has made in the media. But the Acting Boss of CHRAJ, Anna Bossman told JOYNEWS CHRAJ would still give Madam Yajzi audience. “If she says she's got information which is vital to our investigation then we need to study that information because we need to resolve this case as quickly as possible. So if she does have, we will look at the information and assess it,” she said.