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11.08.2005 General News

Life is hellish and unbearable for Ghanaians –– NDC Jamal


The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),Mr Baba Jamal,has claimed that the vast majority of Ghanaians are poorer presently than under the administration of the NDC.

Launching the party's identity card at Agona Swedru, Mr Jamal said “conditions of life had become hellish and unbearable under the administration of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)than what actually existed under the NDC government,”.

He,therefore,called on the electorate to demonstrate to the NPP that they were fed up with what he described as their “killer policies” by voting massively for the NDC in the 2008 elections to enable it to re-arrange the social and economic order of the country.

According to him, poor agricultural policies had resulted in low production which had subsequently compelled the government to use the country's scarce foreign exchange to import maize.

He described as ironic, the situation in which the country abounded in rich fertile lands and yet faced food shortages even at a period that there was supposed to be a glut of food at reasonable prices on the market.

Mr Jamal said by importing huge tonnes of maize for human and animal consumption,the government was rather encouraging farmers of other countries to produce more and to line their pockets with money at the expense of the country's farmers who needed incentives to maximise production.

The NDC deputy General Secretary also touched on the issue of folding up of otherwise viable industrial and manufacturing concerns and the retrenchment of able-bodied workers which had swelled the unemployment rate in the country.

He said instead of maintaining such firms and encouraging the private sector to set up industries that would create wealth and offer employment,the government had completely abandoned the sector to its poor fate resulting in massive redundancies.

Mr Jamal said lack of jobs,for example,had led to the emergence of social vices and agitation that could have the potential of threatening the peace and stability of the country.