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05.08.2005 General News

What Did Kufuor Tell The Council Of State?


... Did he tell them he bought "Hotel Kufuor at the insistence of Theresa and his daughter Nana Ama

Snippets of information coming from sources close to the Council of State indicate that President Kufuor's meeting with the Council last week was full of fireworks.

According to our sources, first came the public session and the photo session where the President spoke Presidentially and diplomatically to the Council and the media were afforded the opportunity to take photographs.

Next came the formal session with an agenda where President Kufuor spoke to the set items on the agenda according to his prepared briefs.

Then came the fireworks. According to our sources, a member of the Council, a clergyman and former Head of one of the Orthodox Churches, asked the million dollar question which he prefixed with the age-old Akan saying, "asem ye di ka" (this matter deserves talking about), and followed it with words to the following effect (not a direct quote) "Mr. President, are you going to tell us the truth about the "Hotel Kufuor" affair?

And the President reportedly went ballistics. Taking off from the point that the "Hotel Kufuor" Affair is a private affair, President Kufuor gradually sobered down until finally almost in a penitent mood, he confessed that indeed, he had bought the Hotel, that he bought it at the insistence of his wife Theresa and his daughter Nana Ama, and that his security also indeed advised him to buy the Hotel.

According to our sources, President Kufuor expressed regret at the way events surrounding the Hotel had played out, that the matter was now so complicated that but for the several loans he had taken, he would simply have given up the property.

The President is said to have mentioned the Prudential Bank, the National Investment Bank (NIB), the ECOWAS Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the ADB (our source was not sure whether he meant the Agricultural Development Bank or the African Development Bank) as some of the Banks from which he had borrowed money to finance the Hotel.

The President is alleged to have invited the members of the Council of State to pray with him and for him so that he could get over the several scandals that he is currently embroiled in.

Whilst for obvious reasons the 'Ghana Palaver' has not been able to confirm this bombshell of a story with participants in the meeting, it will serve the public interest if members of the Council of State who were present at the meeting and especially its Chairman, Professor Adzei-Bekoe, and the Clergy members of the Council, can come out to confirm or deny this exclusively 'Ghana Palaver' scoop.

In short, what did the President tell the Council of State?