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Religion | Dec 25, 2017

Except Jesus Is The Only Reason, Christmas Is Idolatry.

Evangelist Samoa Mensa.
Except Jesus Is The Only Reason, Christmas Is Idolatry.

I prayed to God seeking for answers to some Christian practices my generation were born to meet. One of which included Christmas. I asked God, "Is it deceit?", " Is the day actually when Jesus was born?". These were my main concern. I sought for answers from God.

The Genuine and ever true Holy Spirit enlightened me using a son who honours his mother everyday with love, respect, selfless service and also showers expensive gifts on mum everyday throughout the year. If the day of the mum's birthday comes and it escapes the son to say happy birthday or to wish mum well, obviously the mother will not be grieved nor be angry at her son.

Yes, no sane mother would be.
This is because the son shows love to her everyday in the year, including the day of her birthday too.

At that time, God was trying to tell me not to be bothered about what actually the date of Christ's birth was - whether humanity has been misled by the ancient or Roman calendar or not. Whether the baby Jesus was born on a December 25th, May 14th or February 6th; I was not bothered now.

Because Jesus has been ever since there was existence. No man knows the day nor anything in the moment existence began. "So let no one make rules about what you eat or drink or about your holy days or the New Moon Festival or the Sabbath. All such things are only a shadow of things in the future; the reality is Christ. Colossians 2:16 -.

If Christians live life everyday to remember Jesus, we have more than celebrated His birth. To gather the masses to accept Christ and practice the standards He taught men and also bear the fruits of His Spirit must be Christmas and ought to be done everyday and not only this season - Masses for Christ, Christ mass. Evangelism must be at the centre. see Mathew 9:35-38, Galatians 5:21-25.

However as we prefer to specially celebrate the birth of baby Jesus every December, please, then beware of these symbols and identities the world has associated with this season. I think you ought to know so you may tread carefully in order not to be misled by the devil.

Our lessons and carols nights and services turn out to be entertainment, pleasure boats. We hardly talk about Christ's reality; only fun making, laughter and mockery plays and drama.

Has it occurred to you the triangular and pyramidal shape of the Christmas souvenir you just bought? Pyramid of manipulation - vessels of fear and confusion. Do not breed darkness in your room. Please, beware !

Should this season lead people who know Jesus into careless drunkenness and alcoholism? No.

I tell you, if Jesus is not at the centre of the celebration, It is Idolatry.

Brethren, if we allow ourselves to be directed by the Holy Spirit, we will know that if we indeed are celebrating birth of Jesus Christ, then its prudent to practice the fullness of His standards in a season like this; by extending mercy to others, sharing with others, forgiving others, caring for others, lending a helping hand to the poor, needy, neglected and most importantly telling the lost about Jesus; all in the name of the Person we are celebrating, Jesus Christ, as He taught us. see Mathew 25:31-40.

We may celebrate Christmas not because of the season, but, because Jesus is the reason for everyday. Yes, not only this season, The Holy Spirit Has taught me to celebrate Jesus Christ everyday.

Let Jesus be the reason for this season: As He is the reason for everyday.

Happy everyday to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !

Evangelist Samoa Mensa.

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