Homosexuality is Bound To Happen: A Predictive or Deliberate Statement By Nana Akuffo Addo?

Feature Article Homosexuality is Bound To Happen: A Predictive or Deliberate Statement By Nana Akuffo Addo?
DEC 4, 2017 LISTEN

Homosexuality (gay- men, lesbian-women) is when one has a persistent and predominant sexual attraction to persons of his/her own sex or gender.

The definition of homosexuality is in itself embedded in confusion and variations. Some people claimed they experience same-sex attractions and therefore consider themselves to be homosexuals. In other cases, some experience same-sex attractions but consider themselves as bi-sexual. There are others who experience unwanted same-sex attractions and want to be categorized as homosexuals. In addition, some identify themselves as homosexuals from birth i.e. "always been different”, genetic. While others after experiencing heterosexual life for many years, marrying and having children, turn to homosexuality in later years. (Homosexuality : Classification, Etiology and Treatment, Baker's Encyclopedia of Psychology, Pub. 1985).

Furthermore, other people have sexual attraction for persons of same sex but do not consider themselves as homosexuals. And some are what I refer to as heterosexually anal – have sexual attractions for the opposite sex but with sole desire for anal sex.

Is Homosexuality Europe’s Culture?
The culture and history of European civilizations has always been littered with homosexual celebrations. It was of nobility and royalty in the European renaissance. Chronicles of the lives and achievements of homosexuals were revelled by writers in comparing the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, Arab-Spain, imperial China, and pre-Meiji Japan where homosexuality was cherished with ‘nobility’. Ancient Greek culture made high claims for moral influence of homosexuality in same-sex love in history, literature, and art.

In spite of Judeo-Christian ‘persecution’ in the sixth-century Byzantium, medieval France, Renaissance Italy, Spain Inquisition, Protestant’s Netherlands, Calvin’s Geneva, and Georgian England, “homosexuality also flourished in the court intrigues of Henry III of France, Queen Christina of Sweden, James I and William III of England, Queen Anne, and Frederick the Great”. And Renaissance masters like Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Sodoma, Cellini, and Caravaggio laced their art with homoerotic themes often intertwined with Christian motifs.

It was stated that the three of the Medici were homosexuals: Pope Leo X (Giovanni die Medici, 1475-1521), Ferdinand II (1610-1670) and his grandson, the last of the dynasty, Giovanni Gastone de' Medici (1671-1737). Homosexuality flourished so much at the time of the Renaissance that, Oscar winner Roberto Benigni, who in his book "My Dante" writes: "(In Florence) homosexuality was widespread, so much so that 'the world said 'florenzen,' Florence, when they referred to 'homosexual.' So it was a sign of a great civilization and open-mindedness." In the royal courts of England, King James’ love and sexual relationship with men were known. King Jamesʼ favourite male lovers were the Earl of Somerset and the Duke of Buckingham as documented by Ben Edward Akerly, in The X-rated Bible. In addition, Jamesʼ sexual orientation was so widely known that Sir Walter Raleigh joked publicly, “King Elizabeth” had been succeeded by “Queen James.” (Catherine D. Bowen, The Lion and the Throne.)

The Politics of Homosexuality
In order to resist homosexuality as a mental health issue that require research funding to find curative treatment overtime, the homosexual community backed by these ‘nobles’ and wealthy homosexual billionaires in Europe and America, fought for the removal of homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The precursor to why the APA was under severe pressure to remove homosexuality from DSM, was the stonewall riots.

The Stonewall Riots: These riots were noted to have probably marked the outward beginnings of the gay rights movement. After a police raid on a gay pub in 1969 a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations and riots by the gay community was sparked. At the speed of light, the gay activists groups formed and organized immediately and within six months, gay rights activist organizations were founded in New York and across Europe with a confrontational tactics. Three newspapers were established to promote homosexual rights. On June 28, 1970, the first Gay Pride marches took place in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York commemorating the anniversary of the riots. Since then, the gay movement kept growing louder in voice and bolder in lobbying.

The Political Decision By American Psychiatric Association

Rogers H.Wright and Nicholas A. Cummings (Destructive Trends in mental health) very respected veterans of the mental health industry, stated a variety of issues and trends that significantly changed the mental health fields in America. The following regarding the removal of homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 was written as a matter of verifiable fact:

“The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association yielded suddenly and completely to political pressure when in 1973 it removed homosexuality as a treatable aberrant condition. A political firestorm had been created by gay activists within psychiatry, with intense opposition to normalizing homosexuality coming from a few outspoken psychiatrists who were demonized and even threatened, rather than scientifically refuted. Psychiatry’s House of Delegates sidestepped the conflict by putting the matter to a vote of the membership, marking for the first time in the history of healthcare that a diagnosis or lack of diagnosis was decided by popular vote than by scientific evidence. They further posited that “Diagnosis (today) in psychology and psychiatry is cluttered with politically correct verbiage, which seemingly has taken precedence over sound professional experience and scientific validation.”

The aftermath of this decision resulted in banning and halting funds for further standard medical research that could have determined possible progress from previous tests and trials, and treatments. Any conclusion therefore that homosexuality is genetic, is as political as the decision by APA in 1973. With this ‘victory’ this minority yet powerful group of about 3%-4% of the population set out to impose this ‘deviation’ or sub-culture on the world.

The Strategic Engineering
Beside pushing for equal rights amid protest marches and violent demonstrations, they strategically started ‘infiltrating’ institutions of influence not only in America, but also Europe, Asia and Africa. In 1973, Lambda Legal became the first legal not-for-profit organization established to fight for the equal rights of gays and lesbians.

However, in 1995, Utah became the first state to enact a Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Several other states previously had approved statutes defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In September 21, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, upholding states’ right to ban same-sex marriage and prohibiting the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage. In Europe however, by 2000, the Netherlands gave legal recognition to gay marriages which was followed by other European countries, and some Latin American countries. In 2003 Massachusetts became, the first state in the USA to legalize homosexual marriage, and in 2006 by South Africa, the only African country that legally recognizes homosexual marriage.

Nevertheless, on June 26, 2015 under President Obama, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, all state bans on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, thus allowing homosexual couples to marry in all 50 states. There are still moral and social concerns being raised by the larger society both in Europe and America epitomized by President Donald Trump on Fox News who suggested that, strategic Supreme Court appointments could overturn the Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v.Hodges. This statement by Donald Trump implies that, the Supreme Court Judges who ruled to legalize homosexual marriages were strategically chosen.

The Human Rights Issue
Despite all these rulings, The European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, on June 9, 2016 has ruled that same-sex “marriages” are not considered a human right, making it clear that homosexual partnerships do not in fact equal marriages between a man and a woman. The ruling closed out this discussion dating to 2004.

Invasion of Africa
Bolded by these ‘victories’ the gay rights activists sets out to conquer Africa with this ‘sub-culture’. Over the years, hidden and prominent homosexual celebrities descended on poor and vulnerable African children and orphanages with an adoption strategy. The idea is to raise these children in liberal countries and homosexual homes so as to socially engineer them to this ‘sub-subculture. They receive high exposure, education, and network and later sent back to Africa to assume position of influence in strategic sectors of society with the agenda of tinkering with the African culture. In some cases, the desire to belong to upper class by some of the children of wealthy and educated backgrounds also ended up accepting and promoting gay rights.

Furthermore, due to extreme corruption and incompetence by majority of African political leaders and yet with audacious projects which persistently result in seeking loans and donor funding from Europe and America, the gay rights activists have also designed means of lobbying their governments to attach the legalization of homosexual marriages as one of the funding conditionalities.

Marriage laws of Ghana
The Constitution of Ghana has no clearly defined laws on marriage. The Marriages Act of 1884-1985 CAP. 127 only recognizes Customary, Islamic and Ordinance marriages as legal. There is no law which categorically states that, marriage is between man and woman. It can only be deduced from legal and judicial precedence and traditional practices. Seeing this weakness, the American government and some subtle gay rights organizations since 2013 have been attempting to assist Ghana in drafting its marriage laws.

One way to dislodge Ghana’s legal precedence and traditional practice of marriage is to enact a law that redefines marriage in the concept of western marriage laws which currently is not possible or to “strategically” empanel the Supreme Court to interpret the law in favour of homosexual marriage. This singular act will in consequence dislodge and make redundant chapter 6 of the Criminal Code, 1960, as amended by the Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2003, Section 104 which prohibits unnatural carnal knowledge and sex with animals.

The agenda as popularly believed, is to destroy the family unit that is critical in building morally strong societies. It is a scientific fact that it is not the legal regimes of a nation that necessarily build strong societies and nations, but rather strong values derived from the societal norms and practices. The gay rights is not only about recognizing homosexuals in Africa and for that matter, Ghana, it is about homosexual marriages that will confer on them all rights of natural marriage between man and woman. They want that entitlement to adopt children so as to inculcate a new value system that undermines and that is contrary to the value systems that has sustained the natural marriages and family systems and the integrity of society.

Akuffo Addo being a human right lawyer and a liberal, deliberately made an explicitly-implicit statement. Simply put, “it is bound to happen” so long as the gay community can adopt same advocacy strategies which were earlier on deployed in Britain to influence the Ghanaian culture, He is likely to initiate the legal process. But currently, the Ghanaian culture and society is not influenced enough to accept legalization of gay marriages.

It however argued that, the universe does not recognize and accept uniformity. The equilibrium of the universe thrives on diversity. Any forceful biological organ implant on the body-culture of Africa shall be chaotic to the world. As Africa respects the cultures of Europe, America, and Asia, it is demanded of Europe and other cultures to accord same respect to the diverse and beautiful cultures of Africa. The African culture believes in man and woman relationship. The African believes in the divine and natural procreation obligation of male and female spirits and gender for balance of humanity and nature. It embodies their family value systems of generation, inheritance, lineage, and the integrity of human existence.

However, the fight to legalize same-sex marriage is by strategic and meticulous approach by western lobbyists. The political, cultural, and religious rhetoric by Africans will not prevail. The fight to prevent same-sex marriage in Ghana and Africa must also be thoughtfully strategic.

The writer is Governance and Policy Analyst

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