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13.07.2005 Regional News

Koforidua residents express concern about armed robbery

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Koforidua, July 13, GNA - There is a great sense of fear, despondency and loss of hope among people living around Two Streams, Trom and Bonya, all suburbs of Koforidua, following the shooting to death of Mrs Elizabeth Wiredu by suspected armed robbers at Bonya on Tuesday morning. Residents gathered in groups to discuss the incident and the ordeal of not being able to save a neighbour, because the robbers threatened to shoot anyone who approached them.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal from the assailant, some of the residents appealed to the Police to increase their patrolmen in the New Juaben Municipality. This is because roadblocks mounted by the police in the night have failed to deter robbers. Some residents also appealed to the media to place the issue on its agenda and educate Ghanaians to refrain from such wicked means of acquiring property and social status.

Residents spoke of sustained sporadic firing that subdued when the assailants left the scene enabling terror-stricken neighbours to rush to the Wiredu home and found Mrs Wiredu dead, shot by armed robbers. Amidst the volley of shots, residents claimed they heard Mrs Wiredu telling her husband "daddy they have shot me" followed by " I am dying, I am dying" then nothing was heard until the robbers left the scene.