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19.06.2005 Gossips

The Land Of The begger

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THE SINS & SEXY LIFESTYLE OF FAROUK MAHAMA, THE VEEP'S SON (1) …From One Fraud To Another, From One Sexy Girl To Another Succulent 'Shoddy' At His Aphrodisiac Club Base

Shege! The size of your son's nose should be enough to tell you whether he would grow up to be a pope, a rapist, or a fraudster. If you give birth to a son with a sexy and fraudulent nose you are doomed, because he would never close his zip no matter the amount of anointing oil or deliverance he undergoes.

In fact, it is wise to banish him to Walewale or Anfoega to save you from wahala. Your son will not only steal your ¢150 million from your bedroom at campaign time just to freak and chill out with girls at Afrodiziac, and Yegola Hotel but also go round the streets of Kumasi (KNUST, without passing some of his exams, Tamale and Accra (New town near Kotobabi Police Station) kissing half naked girls just for bedmatic feelings.

Such is the lifestyle of some of the sons and daughters of our nation's top brass. As I continue this week, nobody would be left out in this game.

“Enjoyment” be what for Farouk Mahama, the Vice President's son? ET Mensah may have complained about his son's palaver. Rawlings may be lamenting about why Ezenator has all of a sudden bought feeding bottles, napkins, SMA, cerelac and babylac for a baby girl.

In fact, President Kufuor may also be unhappy with Chief Kufuor's hotel saga, but I tell you, my brother, the unhappy person when it comes to the sins of our sons and daughters is Vice President Aliu Mahama.

Haaba, today it is this, tomorrow it is that, Farouk what at all do you want your father to do now? Farouk's fraud file has been with one of the top editors for a while but he decided not to cough. I have fully taken possession of this file from a young damsel in Volta Hall (Abibat). I shall spill the beans gradually and romantically, for how can a young guy like Farouk decide to sample the insides of all those girls? What would be left for me and my friends? Why? Were they (succulent girls) born for him (Farouk alone?) Nonsense. Batunbanza.


With an over bloated ego, my father is the Vice President of Ghana, the Farouk man told the young and desperate damsels that, State Protocol was under his command. He could without a shadow of doubt, commandeer visa to UK for them at a cool and romantic prize. I don't need your money now, he cried out, I shall bring the visa in due course, he told his IRS innocent victim.

Farouk Mahama even told his poor victim to take a leave. Then in a 419 style, Farouk surfaced with a photocopy of the UK visa he claimed he had taken for his poor Hanafirian victim. He took ¢20 million cash and bolted with it to drink wine and enjoy girls at Afrodiziac.

Then, he started tossing his Hanafirian victim left, right and centre. “Protocol this, protocol that”, Farouk told the son of man.

Later the same Farouk surfaced again with another fraudulent trick. This time around, his friend was the CEPS Commissioner and he was into auction of cars. Again, he pocketed ¢30 million + ¢8 million for a Golf 2 he claimed he could get for ¢15 million because the father was a Vice President. Oh Farouk! Why!

At another stage, he was into gold mining business. The less talk about his performance at KNUST the better as he has been given a special reprief to rewrite some of his papers. Thank you KNUST for that special plan for a special child? When he starts chasing the daughter of the VC you would see how life is.

¢150 million disappeared from a father's bedroom when he went and checked, he realised that the money did not only disappear from his bedroom but also disappeared with his son.

What magic, until today, he has seen the son but without the money. Some of the notes were found dancing around Airport Afrodisiac club house.

Next time we shall discuss Farouk's role in the disappearance of over $1 million jewelry which was later sold in Togo for just $100,000. Farouk surely is giving the mother heart attacks. Please leave the old woman alone, don't kill her prematurely.

There are other issues which would tell you that indeed the Vice President is suffering. A no nonsense woman took $20,000 dollar cash from the Vice President as a result of Farouk's fraud. Stay tuned…

MESSAGE TO EZANATOR Congratulations for the bouncing baby girl, please tell Amina & Kimathy I shall come home soon, with cerelac, SMA, babylac to feed the little one. I am proud of you, Ezenator.

THE SEXY GIRLS OF FAROUK Anybody who can kiss like Farouk should be very sexy. This man met him at Afrodiziac club doing his own thing and the girls were all around him. Farouk ooh, Farouk, Vice pee ooh, Vice pee.

He is very good at ordering free drinks for folks. From Asana to Zwera, upstairs and downstairs in their little chamber, knowing them any how. He is known for his taste for expensive shoes.

He has a beehive of shoes that he claims makes him feel good. Now Farouk is working on a girl who incidentally is known to this begger. Ooh poor sweetie, be very careful where power means you would be carried together with Farouk to the slaughter house. (Cells).

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