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08.06.2005 CPP News

CPP US branch objects to change of slogan and symbol


Accra, June 8, GNA - The US branch of Convention People's Party (CPP) on Wednesday objected to the alteration of the Nkrumaist traditional slogan and symbol as suggested through the Unity Talks. "We as a political party have been down this unity path many times in the last 15 years with the same results and our leaders like to torture and mislead us,", Mr Ato Sackey, CPP US Branch chairman stated in an e-mail to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

Mr Sackey asked: "Why are we talking unity when there is nothing to unite? "We are already united in our beliefs, principles and philosophy." He said Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the founder of the party named it CPP. "We cannot change slogan and symbol. Osagyefo in his wisdom gave the party the slogan "forward ever, backward never.". "Dr Nkrumah did not say forward ever with service or with honesty or with hard work or with truth or with wisdom, but rather he chose backward never."

Mr Sackey attacked the changing of the party symbol, red cockerel saying; "The rooster is a very caring and benevolent bird that may have a hundred chicks but knows each chick and its needs and peculiarities individually. "It is also very protective of its family and it is proud and regal in its bearing, very few things ever making it move faster than a trot. It is not easily scared and all members of the family subject themselves to the authority of the rooster and just like the rooster the CPP, the welfare of the people is its supreme concern."

"If the People's National Convention (PNC) therefore calls itself an Nkrumaist party, then they should have no problems or difficulties with the slogans and symbols of Nkrumaism. He said there was no way to unite two diverse and opposing points of view and thought and if that was possible the world would still have only one universal church. Mr Sackey said "there should not be compromise on the principles of Nkrumaism."