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07.06.2005 NDC News

Hotel Kufuor: C/R NDC Calls For Parliamentary Enquiry


THE Central Regional Executives of the NDC have expressed surprise at the revelation by Ms. Gizelle Yajzi on who owns the hotel close to the private resident of President Kufuor.

In a statement to the press signed by Mr Allotey Jacobs, Director of operations, the party said the entire executives members of the Central Region NDC are calling on Parliament to set up a Bi-partisan Committee to probe further into the hotel saga.

Membership of this committee should include Members of Parliament from the two major political parties and two retired eminent members of the Supreme Court. The statement asked:

Is it that “Land of our birth we pledge to the men and women with our race” means to Mr Kufuor and the NPP leadership, time to rake all their losses from the NLM days to the present?

Is Mr Kufuor and the NPP leadership telling Ghanaians that the meaning of property owning democracy means corruption, scrambling for wealth, nepotism, avarice, arrogance, and throwing dust into peoples eyes? Disrespect for the suffering masses of this country who can't have two square meals a day?

We wonder why Ghanaians are standing at ease and looking on helplessly at this government, whose leaders and ministers are grabbing everything that comes their way. Property owning democracy indeed.

The Central Region NDC again is surprised at the attitudinal behaviour of the American and British government for their silence on the corrupt malpractices going on in this country.

It seems the masters of democracy; the USA has two-edge tongue, one in lambasting corruption in East African countries and the other very silent in Ghana.

We are amazed because it seems that the American and British tax payers whose monies are channelled through the World Bank and IMF to finance the economies of third world countries are inadequately informed about corruption in those countries, thereby making their contributions through their respective governments go waste.

We believe that democracy is about the rule of law, good governance, probity and accountability. It is not about corruption and corrupt leaders. The American and British governments do have all that it takes to expose corruption and also to expose African leaders who are corrupt.

We want to know whether the United States of America is solidly standing behind ordinary Ghanaians who are trying hard to make life worth living.

We want to tell the Western World that if corruption is about perception, then in Africa, perceptions are true. And the truth is that, NPP government is corrupt and a disgrace to the emerging democracies in Africa.

We are appealing to Hon Alban Bagbin, that, if Parliament refuses to set up a Bi-partisan Committee to probe President J. A. Kufuor in the Hotel saga, the NDC caucus in Parliament should start the process of impeaching Mr J. A. Kufuor as President of Ghana