25.05.2005 General News

Veep’s son dismissed for examination malpractices

By Chronicle
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Cape Coast, May 25, (Chronicle) -- REPORT REACHING The Chronicle indicates that the authorities at Mfantsipim School in Cape Coast have taken a bold decision to dismiss Master Aliu Mahama, the son of the Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama for cheating in examination last week.

Cheating in examination is the greatest offence at Mfantsipim School and the punishment is outright dismissal of the culprit student.

Aliu Mahama Jr, is reported to be a first year General Arts Four student.

He was allegedly caught cheating when he was writing one of the subjects.

It is however not clear as to what subject he cheated in. There had been conflicting reports but it was alleged that it was during the French paper.

Aliu pursues History, Literature in English, French and Christian Religious Studies as electives in the Senior Secondary School (SSS) programme.

However, it is alleged that the headmaster of the school, Mr Crosby Eshun, had announced the dismissal of the chap to the whole students at assembly last week.

Following the announcement, Aliu Mahama allegedly went into hiding for some days and later resurfaced on the campus.

There had been attempt to prevent the matter from leaking into the public domain, a move which has infuriated a section of the tutors who think it is necessary for the public to know that those who preach about indiscipline may not themselves be in control of their roost.

A source close to the school administration indicated that the school authorities were contemplating writing a formal letter to inform the father.

On Tuesday, the Spokesman of the Vice President titillated the nation with information about another son of the Vice president whom he alleged was deep into visa racketerring, a revelation that has triggered a massive man hunt by Chronicle paparazzi to unearth the details which has never been known by the paper.

About five years ago, Master Jerry Mensah, son of Mr Enoch Tei Mensah, former Youth and Sports Minister in the NDC era and current MP for Ningo Prampram, was sacked from Mfantsipim School after he had sneaked out and spent a night with his girlfriend in a hotel in town.

Jerry Mensah then lied to the school authorities that he was kidnapped, a case that later took a political dimension.

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