21.04.2005 General News

NPP MP Exposes Kufuor

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Asikuma-Odobeng Brakwa constituency, Hon Paul Collins Appiah-Ofori has said that the Kufuor administration and the NPP are not serious about the fight against corruption.

Often referred to as "MP of Integrity", Hon Paul Collins Appiah-Ofori said that he has not seen any sign that the Kufuor administration is committed to the fight against corruption.

"You see when something goes wrong and the matter is brought to the notice of the authorities and they failed to take remedial action to prevent recurrence, one would not say that the authority is serious in trying t remedy the situation. I have not seen any sign that the government is trying to do that, may be in future, but not now," Mr Appiah-Ofori said of the NPP government.

Hon Appiah-Ofori told Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) Alert that he felt disappointed that in spite of the documentary evidence he placed before the Appointments Committee of Parliament and his pleas to Mr Kufuor not to approve Mr Isaac Edumadze as the Central Regional Minister, the President strangely went ahead to swear him in adding, "This is very disappointing."

He revealed that, in 1981 when he (Appiah-Ofori) was the Chief Accountant of Bibiani Metal Complex and Bibiani Wood Complex, he discovered that the Managing Director of the company was involved in massive corrupt deals, leading to a loss of huge sums of money to the government.

According to him, when the Managing Director did not stop and Rawlings staged the coup, "I compiled all those figures and then reported to Rawlings, who referred the matter to the National Investigation Committee (NIC)."

This was investigated and the allegations were conformed.

"The decision of the government (Rawlings government) then was that, be (Managing Director) should repatriate all the sums of money he had kept abroad and pay the state reparation of ¢2 million cedis at that time in addition to losing his position. This was complied with and all the sums of money were returned to Ghana," he disclosed.

Hon Appiah-Ofori stated that because of his stand in the fight against corruption, his party colleagues and member of government "abuse me that I'm running down the government."

"I took on Isaac Edumadze and laid before the Appointments Committee of Parliament his corrupt practices and today I am being branded as running down the government," he lamented.

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