28.03.2005 Regional News

Poly students to impact on economic activity in Ho

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Ho, March 28, GNA - The Ho Polytechnic has linked up its academic departments with various areas of economic activity within the Ho Municipality to raise the quality of products and services and also increase output in those areas.

Departments involved in the integrated community programme are, Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Fashion Design and Modelling. According to a brochure highlighting the overview of activities of the school for 2005 and future programmes, the Mechanical Engineering Department has prepared a syllabus and is sourcing for vehicles to start Driver Training short courses soon.

In addition to training Housewives and Traditional Caterers, The Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management Department is offering consultancy services in areas of recruitment, staff training, menu planning and dietary requirements and modifications for organisations in the fledging hospitality industry in the area.

The brochure hinted that the Department was also to publish a recipe book of traditional convenience foods soon. It said the Department of Fashion Design and Modelling has commercialised and opened its Beauty Salon to the general public to expose many other people to modern beauty care tips.

The brochure said he Department had also drawn up plans to revive the batik-making course for the general public to raise the quality of the products.

It said the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was pursuing plans to organise part-time courses in HND for interested workers who might not be granted study leave. 28 March 05

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