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'A Bag of Dreams' (Poetry)
By Kausar Umar Bawah
Accra, May 20, GNA - We publish below a couple of poems originated by Miss Kausar Umar Bawah, a student of the University of Ghana, Legon, as part of our policy to promote the pursuit of literary arts among the youth:

1. A bag of Dreams
All I can feel is the sand on my skin
No water to guzzle
We decamp from city to city
Scudding away like rats
Searching for a better life
We are homeless, hopeless
A better tomorrow are our expectations
We coax our minds,
Saying today was only but a bad dream
Which will someday fade away.
We are displaced people, asylum seekers, outcasts, refugees.

Not that it was our bidding,
Bloodsheds, tussles, phenomena
Terrorized us out of our roots
All our worldly goods, our estates, our wealth
Have been torn down and razed
The rich become vagrant
The poor become more dependent
They say we are one
But our brothers and sisters have forsaken us
This ocean of pain and suffering
All we need is a firm stand
A place we can call home
A place we are no longer seen as castaways
We hope for better days
That our sufferings will someday end
That all these lacerations will turn to dust
That our children won't face what we've faced
Praying that this shouldn't be our horoscope
But then sometimes,
Circumstances persuade me
To surmise that all my pipe dream,
My light at the end of the tunnel
My promised land
My anticipation
My fancy
Are nothing but ...A BAG OF DREAMS.
2. Perceptions and Conceptions
Allow me to change conceptions
Allow me to educate minds
Allow me to drive home a relevant message
So what do you want me to say
'Cos I honestly don't think you would listen
I'm sure the sight of my scarf have made you turn your faces

Or hasten pace because you see me carry a bag
Well I know its not because its Louis Vitton.
I have succumbed to the fallacy
You, me and everyone recognises this hate
Blind as a fool
I just keep silent in school
Sitting at the back with my scarf wrapped around my face

Was it just my eyes
'Cos it seemed I was alone at the back
The teacher goes through the attendance
And says 'Aisha'
I see disgust boldly written on her face
She doesn't even understand the language
But yet she calls us slaves
Then she continues
'Mohammed!' she repeats
'Cos there was no response
Dead silence in her tall figure pacing the room
But then she's reminded and says
I'm sure he's on a bombing spree
I know it was your people who blew up the world trade centre

So anytime I see a tall head praying the way you pray I'm reminded of that day

I'm not racist she said
I'm just scared she added with a grin.
Bt I'm sure Mohammed is just sick
Or probably late for school
Well I wouldn't say I blame them entirely
On the news we hear about the Islamic State
Or Abdullah,Yousuf, Hussein
All Islamic names
I understand atrocities caused by people
So let me start with apologies from this inhume 19s

So you don't constantly blame me
I have held my tongue and tears
Because I know freedom isn't free
Maybe I am the one who needs to understand
What type of person would take actions committed by a few

And blame it on the collective
Or is it because majority belong to it?
I live in a world where I can walk on brightly lighted streets

As those around me hold on to what's dear
Because I resemble fear
I wouldn't be surprised in the near future
If the dictionaries decide to change the meaning of terrorism

They claim they are not racist
But simply afraid
So when our application letters are seen
With our names boldly written on them
They are automatically tossed in the trash bin
Not because we are not qualified
Or that there was some mistake with our letters
But because Mohammed Sultan or Abdallah Hussein
Is the applicant's name
I find myself in the airport falling victim to those random checks

They smile and say they use women now
There is terrorism and terrorist attacks
But the last time I checked 'terrorism' and 'terrorist' are not religion

They say jihad is terrorism
But jihad only means to strive
But since you are not Arabs nor speak or understand the language

You are perfect to translate the term
To the Arabic speakers
I have tried on several occasions
To voice my points and facts
But anytime I draw closer you draw further
But I hope one way or another
You would someday read what I always wanted to voice out.


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