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13.12.2004 General News

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By Ghanaian Post
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Despite four-years of harassment, intimidation... NDC STILL FIRM ...on the ground By 'Post' Political Analyst

CONTRARY to the expectations of some top members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), as well as its hired press, that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is on its way out, a close examination of the results of last week's elections, shows that the NDC is still firm on the ground, if not firmer.

For, given all the advantages granted itself, through the abuse of incumbency, after a four-year "battering" of the NDC, the party has not only survived, but also lost narrowly, through circumstances, least expected and yet to be explained away.

Although, in public, the NPP leadership appears quite satisfied with the results, deep down their hearts, they must be the first to admit that their "success" was achieved on the most rugged playing field, which unduly favoured them.

From the days of Senior Minister J. H. Mensah "prophecy" of burying the NDC before year 2004, through the worrisome four-years harassment of NDC officials, during which Ministers were imprisoned for no wrong-doing by the most capricious court rulings, only a party, with a rocky foundation, such as that of the NDC, could have survived the political torments, meant to demolish it, once and for all.

Perhaps, the most disappointed group must be the pro-NPP media operatives, whose four-year assignment, only succeeded in bringing down the percentage of the popular vote to a bare 52 per cent. Indeed, had the Central Region proved to be fair with the NDC, the story would have been different!

Their experts had predicted a 66 per cent win.

Meanwhile, the national executive is in the process of setting up a post-election sub-committee to analyse the results and submit a report on the cause of the poor-showing.

All the other parties, which contested the elections, are undertaking "post-mortems" but surprisingly not with the anxiety of the winners.

LATEST ABOUT BAMBAGATE ... President blames the police

THE President in an interview with JOY FM after his acceptance speech, defended his handling of the Alhaji Bamba matter which has come to be known as the 'Bambagate'.

The President insisted that he caused Alhaji Bamba to resign. This was followed by his rejection by his constituency when he wanted to stand as an NPP Parliamentary candidate.

Then the bomb the President dropped-That the rest of the matter rests with the Police which has not taken further action.

How come Ghana Police? NDC Saves Country's Democracy By Ralph Asiamah

WHO says the NDC, like the NPP must not be congratulated for its credible performance in the just ended December 7, 2004 elections?

Who does not realize that without the credible performance of the NDC in relation to the number of Parliamentary seats the party has secured, Ghana would have become a defacto one-party state as it happened in the days of the Progress Party administration?

No democracy can survive without a responsible opposition. Needless to say that a serious, well-intentioned opposition keeps government alive to its responsibilities, guarantees extreme care in the preparation and formulation of programmes, and underlines the need for sponsors of legislation to be able to justify their proposals.

Many were those who thought that the NPP policy of harassment and intimidation which was directed at the NDC was going to ensure the total disintegration of the party.

Indeed, the objective of the policy of harassment was to discredit the NDC in the eyes of both the Ghanaian public and the international community as a corrupt party that left no positive legacy behind from its period of stewardship. Some leading members of the NPP publicly stated that the NPP Government would use prosecution to hound NDC functionaries until the party disintegrated.

Once the people have spoken, all attempts, both official and unofficial aimed at the total disintegration of the main opposition must stop. People behind such a policy must be considered enemies of democracy.

ALTHOUGH, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has managed to scrape through an election and emerged successful, that does not in any way mean all has been well with affairs, under the present regime.

For, regretfully, it appears hungry Ghanaians are still not voting on issues. Many are still being influenced by last-minute promises and "charity" to individuals.

To some extent, politics has grown to become "monetics", in some areas, where those who campaign, with empty hands, receive empty votes.

And, surprisingly, it is rather those perceived to have seen the "light", who see their conscience and votes!

But, whatever be the case, the rules of democracy must prevail, if there should be peace and orderlines in the society.

So, the "minority" must accept the rule of the "majority".

However, in our case, we still remain committed to the fight for the "economic reliefs" for the people.

We still stand by our position in demanding what is right and just for the people.

We still maintain that the NPP rule has brought more hardships to the people.

We still consider the increases in fees at the institutions as being unjustifiable and constituting an obstruction to the right of education for all.

We still insist that homes are being wrecked, as a result of the high cost of living a condition which is making the poor, poorer.

Our attention has in no way been distracted from the pledge we made in our maiden issue to defend the Truth, from the beginning to the end.

For, let no one deceive himself that the "victory" of the NPP signified an endorsement of its policies.

Many are those, who have once again, fallen prey to the "campaign of promises".

Besides, with the abuse of incumbency, almost institutionalised, reducing even our values for traditional festivals into that of political rallies, what else can one expect from a people who unfortunately appear to be having short-memories?

And with some chiefs, glued to their stools allowing, their annual festival durbars, supposed to be occasions for the renewal of loyalty and the strengthening of the bond of unity of all sections of the people, are turned into political grounds, where "official" candidates of the ruling how many of our poor rural folks, will think about issues, before casting their votes?

It is, therefore, in the interest of the NPP leadership not to be over-jubilant, in assuming that the party: "popularity" is firm on the ground.

For many are those, who come to realise their mistake only in a matter of a few days, when they come, face to face, with Christmas, only to find out that their kids are still wearing their tattered clothes and demanding a "better meal" to mark the occasion.

But, alas, that will be too late to change their minds-they will have to wait to endure another four-year dry season, before regaining their voice.

We shall be with them, speak for them, in the hope that the President during the next term, will have pity for the down-trodden, for the under-paid workers and even for the registered unemployed, beggars and lunatics, and change his policies of economic strangulation fo the people.

Otherwise, our assault will continue, unabated.

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