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03.12.2004 Gossips

Is it true...

By Palaver
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¨ That a girl, called Gifty, has been abandoned at the Plastics Surgery Ward at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, after being nocked down by a Presidential convoy, eight months ago and that all attempts by the parents to get the authorities to simply take a look at the victim have been ignored by the authorities, leaving the parents to struggle to take care of this little child, always seen drenched in tears? ¨

That President J. A. Kufuor will be running in-between all-night Christian prayers sessions, with fast trips to Togo to perform juju-rituals, during the last days to the elections and that a helicopter will be standing by for such missions, as the latest signals from his friend, on the other side of the border, can hardly set his mind at ease?