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29.11.2004 NDC News

Military Backs NDC

By Lens
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TOP SECURITY REPORT REVEALS Nov. 29, (Lens) -- The Kufuor regime must be very worried indeed. A top Security Report recently made available to the government and sighted by the Lens, clearly shows that the NDC is enjoying tremendous support from the Military and other security forces. According to the Report, 65% of the Military is backing the NDC to win the upcoming polls on December 7th.

Sources within the National Security outfit have confirmed to your authoritative Lens that this high level of support being enjoyed by the NDC from the security forces is giving a lot of headache to the Kufuor regime since it portends troubles should the ruling party decide to use force to overturn the results when they lose the elections.

The same top Intelligence Report also indicates that among the electorate, the NDC is enjoying the support of nearly 60%.

There has been widespread movement of arms and ammunitions in various parts of the country in recent months. This phenomenon has accelerated rapidly over the last few weeks since this report was made available to the Government. It is widely believed that having clearly lost the support of the official security forces, the Kufuor regime is preparing the grounds to make the arms and weapons, being spread all over the country, available to members of the regime's private paramilitary wing that have been christened Party Police by the populace. These weapons are to be used by the members of the Party Police to intimidate the voters especially in the strongholds of the NDC.

The Lens can also reveal that many people who have become privy to the information and the locations where the arms and ammunitions have been hidden have decided to set up their own surveillance groups to keep a close eye on these locations. Some of these individuals, the Lens has learned, have vowed to resist at the peril of their lives any attempt that will be made to move the weapons from those specific locations between now and the elections.

Meanwhile, some former members of the 64th Infantry regiment have made an urgent call to the opposition parties to encourage their teeming supporters all over the country to be resolute and fearless on especially the voting day and refuse to yield to any attempts by any military or paramilitary agencies to cow them into submission. The group urged the minority parties to take inspiration in the knowledge that many former and serving personnel of the various security forces are watching with eagle eyes any attempt being made by the ruling NPP to use the party police to clampdown on the electorate on the polling day.

The group urged the minority parties to keep their heads high because the numbers of military personnel ready to fight for them on December 7th far outnumber those that the Kufuor regime plans to unleash on the voting populace especially in the Volta Region and the three northern regions to create fear and panic.

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