CNN Young African Writers Supports Educational Charities

By Bolaji S.
Africa CNN Young African Writers Supports Educational Charities
JAN 26, 2016 LISTEN

CNNYAW (CNN Young African Writers) has donated $8,000 to two charities, one helping children children get quality education and the other helping Syrian refugees.

The CNN Young African Writers (CNNYAW) said $4,000 would go to UNICEF in Africa with $4,000 helping the Human Appeal International.

Thousands of children don't have access to quality education in Africa and the money donated will do a little to help.

In Greece, work is continuing to help provide food for those fleeing Syria.

CNNYAW Assistant Head Of Operations in Sierra Leone, Margaret Joles said: "These charities urgently need funding to deliver vital food, shelter and medical supplies in countries devastated by conflict and natural disasters.

"The support from the CNN Young African Writers will add to donations from other nations to improve the lives of thousands of vulnerable people."

HOP of CNNYAW in Sierra Leone also said they'd be donating over 3,000 books to help the kids in learn in Africa. She mentioned that "education is bright future assured."

The branch of CNN which was launched July 2015, is working hand in hand with UNICEF to eradicate poverty in Africa. has been operating in Africa for more than 5months now and is partnering with Humanitarian aid agencies to fight poverty and uneduaction in Africa and middle east.

Official website of the CNNYAW is

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