29.09.2004 General News

NPP, NDC Supporters Clash In Hohoe

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Reports from Hohoe in the Volta region say supporters of the New patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress on Wednesday clashed over the citing of party regalia ahead of President Kufuor's visit to the area.

The reports say the NPP supporters in the area protested vehemently against a decision by the NDC supporters in the area to decorate a popular arena in the town where the President is expected to make a stop over as part of his visit to the Volta region.

JoyNews correspondents in the Volta region say the prompt intervention of the Police averted a blood bath.

The NDC first decorated the area with their party regalia but the NPP asked them to remove them since it is their presidential candidate who was touring the area.

The NDC resisted this saying no law bars them from hanging their party regalia in the arena.

One account said the situation led to a free-for-all fight in the area with more NDC supporters pouring out of their houses to join in the fight.

The reports say the NPP supporters were eventually over-powered and they subsequently lodge a complaint with the Police in the town.

The Police later called the leadership of the two parties to amicably solve the matter but that did not work.

This is because shortly after the meeting the supporters launch another attack.

The police later stormed the arena and removed the regalia of both parties and stationed personnel there to prevent any further clash and a re-decoration of the arena.

The latest report say the situation has been brought under control.

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