Caring For All Believers!!! Encourages Believers To Drink Of Christ As A River Of Water Of Life

Feature Article Caring For All Believers!!! Encourages Believers To Drink Of Christ As A River Of Water Of Life
AUG 23, 2015 LISTEN

A God/Christ laden believer or Christian who the Lord flows through, is like a stem of a tree lying in an unending flowing river saturated with water. Again she/he is like a living tree near this ever flowing river with its roots constantly supplied with the required nutrient and water.

This type of tree is never blown about by changes in the season or weather, its anchor is the source of life. And she/he is constantly with Lord so at peace.

In Gen. 2:10 we see a river which flows out of the Garden of Eden ( out of God Himself ) to reach out to the whole earth and water it. God Himself is the river of water of life flowing out to reach man, quench man's thirst, and fill man with life.

In Rev. 22:1 we see the same picture in the New Jerusalem; which is from the throne of God and of the lamb flow a river of water of life, bright as crystal, reaching everyone everywhere.. The Lamb of God, the Redeeming God, flows out as the Spirit (Comforter) to reach out to man as water of life and dispense Himself into man.

As we drink of God as the water of life, we are brought more under God's headship, the authority of His Throne. The more we give God the pre-eminence in us and enthrone Him in the centre of our being, the more we drink of Him as the living water.

The Triune God- God, the Lamb/Son/Christ, and the Spirit- dispenses Himself into us as living water to carry out His purpose.

Our association and cooperation with God in Christ makes the Divine Life Flows in the Divine Nature and Brings us in the Divine Fellowship. Such process alone clears our continuous corruption, which prepares us for the establishment of the Kingdom of God.Our Father; hallowed be they Name , Thy Kingdom come.

In the New Jerusalem, the river of water of life flows in the middle of the golden street. :- This shows that the water of life flows in the divine nature (signified by gold, the nature of God). When we walk according to the divine nature in us (it means we all have a divine link),the golden divine, we enjoy the sweet flow of the divine life. The more we drink of the river of water of life and allow the divine life to flow in us, the more we are helped walking according to the divine nature.

We as God's people need to walk not according to our old human (flesh and lust) nature with its old ways of living. Our human ways are an absolute departure from God. But our emphasis on walking according to the divine nature in our spirit is acceptable (take special note. It is an issue we will be dealing with intensively sometime along the line as we share) so that we may have the inward flow of life and rivers of life may flow out of us.

This flow of life is the fellowship of the divine life, the joint participation, the communion, the common participation of the divine life.

The divine life that all the believers have received through regeneration is flowing within them (I have said after regeneration we automatically are endowed with such a grace full gift, which doesn't need to be prayed for before you receive such, even though in prayer itself there is nothing wrong with that), flowing through them all the way into the New Jerusalem. All the genuine believers are in this fellowship. I will tell each one us about this, the issue of whether one is dealing with the Spirit in ones (of the believer's) spirit or not is vital. All genuine Christians or born again believers-are in the fellowship see Acts 2: 42) which the Bible calls the fellowship of the Holy Spirit ( 2 Cor. 13:14) and the fellowship of spirit ( Phil 2:11). The spirit of man is the part of the body which can have uninterrupted dealings with Abba Father and our God.

Note, dear saint or believer: the apostles first entered into such a fellowship with the Father and with the Son (1 John 1:3 ; Acts 2:42), and now we all believers in Christ can enjoy the same sweet inward fellowship with the Father and the Son. I was overjoyed that I didn't have to do anything to qualify me to have such a relationship with the Father and the Son. Whence I get born again it is mine for inheritance, don't be subjected to unending deliverance prayers, as if that will give you the relationship-with our Father and Son (and our brother Jesus Christ). God in Jesus Christ in us and we in Him, is nearer to you than any human relationship. He therefore is the cornerstone of our fellowship and union with believers in your local Church/Fellowship, including our marriage, family and churchlives.

We can forgive each others who trespasses against us, and be our brethren's keeper because of Him. I can go on and on, such is the spiritual reality with our God who is Spirit indwelt within our spirit (mingled) to gives us God's strength.Stay put in the Lord and don't move, till the next sharing if we still remain in this encroachment.LOVE YOU ALL SO DOES GOD, ALWAYS