16.06.2015 Feature Article

The Devil Is Jealous Of Me—Sarkodie

The Devil Is Jealous Of Me—Sarkodie
LISTEN JUN 16, 2015

No wonder Sarkodie is the idol in Ghana music today because everything about Sark is now a source of entertaining news. You may ask: ´´where did Sarkodie say or write that the Devil is jealous of him? ´´ Well, let me respond like a typical Ghanaian: ´´have you watched the #NewGuy music video? ´´ Lol! There was a striking inscription on one of Sarkodie´s costumes in the video of that incredible collaboration, which says: ´´the Devil is jealous of me.´´

Moreover, it is needless for Sarkodie, Africa´s leading rapper to prove beyond doubt that the Devil is jealous of him because it is simply axiomatic! And I believe the Devil Sark was talking about is not Lucifer alone but all other agents of the Devil, human or material. Let us be frank and say that a lot of these devils incarnate are bent on causing the destruction Sarkodie´s music career with impunity.

Also, the extraordinary achievements of Sarkodie have attracted all sorts of jealousy in our music industry. Notwithstanding the musical flaws of Sarkodie, there should be no cause for jealousy among other competing Ghanaian rappers since his brand value is too strong to diminish soon. And this is because Sarkodie continues to redefine rap music in Ghana and even Africa at large. Indeed, Sarkodie deserves all the adoration from his fans and the general public being the acclaimed Ghana rap god!


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