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26.03.2015 Feature Article

Being A Patriotic Ghanaian.

Being A Patriotic Ghanaian.
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Being a patriotic Ghanaian is all about living the Ghana national anthem and pledge. A national anthem is a generally musical composition usually in the form of a song or hymn of praise that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions or struggles of a nation or its people ( And the composer of the Ghana national anthem is Philip Gbeho. Below is the first stanza of the Ghana national anthem with my limited interpretation:

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana
And Make Our Nation Great And Strong,
***It is our national responsibility as citizens of Ghana to pray for our motherland Ghana!

Bold To Defend Forever
The Cause Of Freedom And Of Right
***We are entreated to boldly defend what is right for our dear country!

Fill Our Hearts With True Humility,
Make Us Cherish Fearless Honesty,
***Let us ask the Almighty God to bestow on us virtues in our national life!

And Help Us To Resist Oppressors' Rule
With All Our Will And Might For Evermore
***Let us ask for God's help to resist neocolonialism with our will and might!

Also, let us strive to live the Ghana national pledge as children of mother Ghana:

I Promise On My Honour
To Be Faithful And Loyal To Ghana My Motherland
I Pledge Myself To The Service Of Ghana
With All My Strength And With All My Heart
I Promise To Hold In High Esteem
Our Heritage Won For Us
Through The Blood And Toil Of Our Fathers
And I Pledge Myself In All Things
To Uphold And Defend The Good Name Of Ghana
So Help Me God
#Anthem_Pledge #Ghana #Patriotism
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