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17.11.2014 NPP News


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As a party, political power should be our ultimate priority. We should all, in the true spirit of our party's tradition, rally behind our National officers to strengthen our singleness of purpose to capture political power in 2016.

Nana Akufo Addo spoke these words as he congratulated our current National Officers on 13th April ,2014.

As a Youth group who will inherit the NPP in the near future, we were taken aback by the blatant show of "Power Struggle" by Nana Akufo addo and his allies on that night of thursday, 13th november 2014.
Nana Addo showed the world his divisive nature when he and his able cronies blatantly and callously rejected and SACKED all the list of a common Position of (Deputy Communication directors) as proposed by The National Chairman and the General Secretary of the NPP.

Interestingly , the irresponsible and injudicious act on the night of 13th november 2014 was borne out of a reason as bizarre as averred by a regional chairman (name withheld) who is a supposed trusted Ally of Nana Addo in the NEC meeting as: "The list of National chairman and General Secretary never supported Nana addo in his quest to lead the NPP on 18th october,2014 ; hence Nana Akuffo addo cannot work with them! "

We as a youth group who have been actively participating in the course of the NPP, saw it as a surprise but on a second thought, the unpolitical act by Nana addo and his hardliners only cemented the perceived fact that "nana akufo addo is a divisive leader". One quality of a good leader is , he must be conscious and loving. He must as well be kind and be tolerant to perceived or real opposers. Its sad we cant see this in Nana Addo and his allies.

A real leader must show magnanimity and extend an olive branch to his opponent, but unfortunately, Nana Akufo Addo seems to have allowed sheer hatred to cloud his conscience! We as a group followed the trend and activities which led to 18th october, 2014 but never did we see or hear any of the list of "9 former communication directors" making an open endorsement to a particular candidate.

Admittedly, The NPP Party has just come out of a rough and challenging times where our internal elections was characterised with Nefarious acts such as malice, insults, scheming,lies,fabrications, orchestrations and other unprintable acts; hence it was very prudence and sagacious on the part of forward-looking Young Patriot, Chief Obosu mohammed, who stated in his Open letter to Nana Akuffo-Addo
" History is a great teacher and as we go forward, I humbly ask you to check on apathy within our fold and also to properly integrate the talents of all capable NPP members whose efforts can win us the national election in 2016. I beg to sound a caution in my humble capacity to all fellow patriots not to repeat the mistakes of our past by alienating our own, and to desist from sounding threats of exclusion from a power not yet won. There is power in numbers, and sometimes the difference between a win and a loss is a “single”vote; hence, we cannot afford to lose our own"- Chief obosu Mohammed, Open letter to Akufo Addo.

However , it's weirdly intriguing to witness an open show of antagonistic brusqueness and hostility meted out to our own party colleagues (list of communication directors) against a Political Power not yet won. Y33 ku kru mpo nie!!

There is no gain saying that Nana Akufo Addo is the Bane of NPP winning Political power and we expect discerning minds to have a long memory where they will not look elsewhere to apportion blames, but instead, be able to.recount on these Indiscreet,vindictive,divisive and hostile disposition by Nana akuffo addo and his oppressors and saboteurs in the Unlikely event that we (NPP) , lose future elections

As a group, we beg to sound another caution and warning to Nana Akuffo Addo that , the actualisation of his "su-ban" is alien to any good leader!

We understand Nana Akuffo addo and his allies are orchestrating to champion the second plot - "a vote of NO confidence" in Chairman Paul Afoko and The General secretary.

We wish to make it known to Mr.william akufo addo that, If he (Nana Addo) Plots evil against the chairman and the General secretary, he does it against his own peril for the bible says " They set a net for my steps;
my soul was bowed down.

They dug a pit in my way, but they have fallen into it themselves. Selah" - Psalms 57:6

We as well want to admonish our good old men who are part of the NEC to uphold RATIONALISM over SENSATIONALISM!

To our 9 former deputy directors of communication , we say, "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

" Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them." - Romans 12:14

Thank You.

Long live Npp,
Long live Ghana.


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