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10.06.2004 Press Review

Letters to the Lens

By the Lens
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a) The 'slaughter' of the Ya-Na and 40 of his chiefs in March 2002.

b) The senseless slaughter of the 127 football fans at the Accra Sports Stadium on May 9th 2001.

c) The arrest of the women bread sellers in the Volta Region for hooting at the HIPC President.

d) The murder of the members of the watchdog committee in Taifa.

e) NPP Party Police brutalities in TroTro drivers, taxi drivers, traders etc.

f) The shootings of innocent citizens at Osu, Sodom and Gommora, Dagbon, Teshie and Kumasi.

g) The invitation of Dzizor Tay, Ama Benyiwa-Doe, Dan Lartey, Dr. Mahama, Dr. Rawlings and all the leading members of the NDC and other people who dare to criticize the Incompetent NPP by the BNI for questioning.

h) The declaration of the HIPC by the President on Ghanaians, which is a crime against Humanity due to the untold hardships, that HIPC has created in the country.

i) The arrest and detention of Kwabena Kusi, the Kumasi mechanic who said Kufuor is Travel-happy.

Is Kufuor a democrat? You be the Judges.

Naomi Abbey


I would be grateful if you could publish this report in your esteem paper to bring to the notice of the NPP government in order to probe some of the D.C.E's who have looted the economy to enrich themselves and bring the government efforts to rebuild the economy of the country into disrepute.

One of the DCE's is Mr. Yaw Amprofi the District Chief Executive of the Birim South District Assembly. Just under four years in office this man has amassed an unbelievable wealth and arrogantly displayed them in Akim Oda. He has built for himself a big mansion of two apartments at a place known and called Residential area, behind the Rabson Hotel, Akim Oda. He is reported to have bought a B.M.W saloon car for one hundred and fifty million cedis cash from one Nana Yaw, a burger from Akim Oda. He owns a white saloon car, a taxicab, a shop, and operating an abattoir within these three years as D.C.E.

Many people are wondering how he could build such a mansion and arrogantly display wealth in Akim Oda while still in office? It is the perception of many residents in Oda that he has the backing of the MPs in the district. Mr. Yaw Amprofi has turned himself into a contractor and all contracts with huge contract sums are automatically for his company working through one G.W. Otoo (a.k.a) O 'right at Akim Oda. He handpicks his favourites including a brother-in-law and gives them contracts without going through the normal tender process. He arrogantly suppresses whoever dares to challenge his doctorial decisions at the assembly. No wonder, three years as Districts Chief Executive have seen three different Co-ordinating Directors none could work with him and have all gone. The fourth Co-ordinating Director is also contemplating leaving the Assembly. Yaw Amprofi has employed his girlfriend at the Assembly and could not control the staff; therefore indiscipline has taken over the whole assembly. Recently. Mrs. Amprofi, the wife of the D.C.E came to fight the said girl friend to the clare view of the Assembly workers and onlookers at the prescient of the assembly. What a disgrace.

Mr. Yaw Amprofi has no respect for anyone not even the said the traditional rulers in the district. He is proud and arrogant; whatever comes out from the mouth is abusive if not offensive. The very month he assumed the post of D.C.E he snatched a married woman called Vivian Attafuah a.k.a Sister from the husband at Akim Oda. Honestly one cannot sit by for such a D.C.E to loot the nation and bring the NPP government into dispute. Where are Hon. Osafo Maafo and Hon. Owusu Agyepong? Are they shielding and condoning with him to enrich himself? Is this the zero tolerance of corruption?

Until the D.C.E of Birim South is probed, the honestly and sincerity of our two members of parliament and for that matter NPP government would forever remain Hon Owusu Agyapong as your names are dragged in the mud because of the D.C.E. He must be probed.

Thanking you for accepting to publish this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Ansah Agyeman. Get Smart, Hon. Hawa! Dear Sir,

I listened to Hon. Hawa Yakubu on radio Gold this week and I felt sorry for her. This woman does not know that the NPP is not northern friendly. She does not know that the NPP party, especially the NPP women do not like her. She forgets that Aliu Mahama was used by the NPP to get some of the Moslem and northern votes, and now that the NPP is in power, they are trying to dump the Vice President because of the murder of the Ya-Na. Hawa, wake up and smell the coffee. Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani, the chief of staff, accused you of being a car thief on the National radio. How long do you want these people to humiliate you? Stop showing your sychopantic praises on Mr. Kufuor. To tell you the truth, Mr. Kufuor cares only for himself, and little John and Phillip.

Wise up Hon. Hawa Yakubu, your political future is not with the NPP.

Alimatu Ali.

Accra. The magnanimity of Dr. J.J. Rawlings. Dear Sir,

After taking away the courtesies of the state from Dr. Rawlings, and after pouring insults and invectives on him, Nana Akufo-Addo's mother died and Dr. J.J. Rawlings attended the funeral to mourn with him.

This is what I call statesmanship Dr. J.J. Rawlings! Wo ye bue!

You have the political savvy which most of the people in the NPP lack.

You are an astute politician,

A humanitarian, a peace loving man, an International statesman and the pride of Ghana. We love you J.J. Rawlings if the shoe were on the other foot, we know the vicious NPP people will not attend. You have been vindicated at last. The NPP is a total failure.

Thank you Dr. J.J. Rawlings. God be with you always.

Mohamed Ali.


1. Almost 100% increase in petroleum products and 30% increase in utility tariffs-electricity and water have brought untold hardships on farmers, fishermen, housewives, market women, parents, school children, civil servants, teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, manufactures, wholesalers, and on retailers.

2. Maladministration and insensitivities to the plight of the suffering Ghanaians have given rise to the exodus of professionals and skilled labour such as doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers and even scientists from Ghana.

3. "Kufuor's Zero- Tolerance for Corruption" policy applies to ordinary men and women and former NDC government officials. Kufuor himself used public funds to renovate his private home and continues to deny it. He has also refused to order investigations into allegations of corruption against his ministers and party functionaries.

4. Selected Justice - Mallam Issah, former Sports minister in Kufuor's government was prosecuted and jailed because he is a Northerner. Akans in his government commit crimes and are not even investigated or charged. Dr. Wereko Brobby, Professor Ameyaw Akunfi, Muctar Bamba etc.

5. Insecurity in Ghana- Kufuor claims there is security, and that people can sleep in their homes peacefully. This is not correct, armed robberies are on the rise because of the lack of jobs for the youth.

6. Kufuor has not been able to go to Yendi and may never go there because of the mess he and his government have created there. They stood by and supervised the killing of, the overlord the king of Dagbon, Ya Na, and 43 of his subjects from March 27-29,2002 simply to win political favour from one faction.

7. Kufour used his position as Head of State, to seek a loan of $5 million U.S. dollars from the World Bank for Asantehene Osei Tutu11 and Okyehene Amoatia to develop their traditional areas. What about the rest of the traditional rulers in Ghana? Nepotism and discrimination is the hallmark of Kufuor's administration. The truth is not in Kufour; he promised that he would create 100,000 job opportunities in the first month of his term in office. Kufour has spent three years in office and the jobs are not coming. We the unemployed must resolve and recall him even before the coming elections.

8. ''Tourist President''- Instead of sitting down to plan how to solve Ghana's problems he continues to tour countries in Africa, Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, almost in every one week in the name of wooing investors. Most existing businesses have folded up because of poor economics policies. How can new investors come? Many more of Kufour's record will follow.

Captain Emmanuel Vodi Asuogyaman.

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