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General News | May 31, 2004

Churches Hindering Progress


The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Rev. Prof. E. A. Obeng, said at the weekend that the proliferation of churches in Ghana was defeating efforts to build the country.

He said that Ghanaians were spending productive hours in church looking for “personal breakthroughs” that could be achieved only through hard work, adding that the proliferation of churches was exacerbating the national problem of “extreme materialism.”

Prof. Obeng added that, he was not against people establishing churches but that the rate at which churches were mushrooming and the lifestyles of the church leaders compelled him to question the motives of the founders of some of these churches.

The Vice-Chancellor was delivering a lecture on the topic “Religious and moral values in nation building”, as part of activities marking the Philosophy Week of St. Paul's Catholic Seminary, at Sowutuom, in Accra.