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15.06.2014 Press Release

GAKE's Special Appeal To NPP Delegates

By Get Alan Kyerematen Elected (GAKE)
GAKE's Special Appeal To NPP Delegates
LISTEN JUN 15, 2014

Fellow Delegate,

As you are aware, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is at crossroads trying hard to get into government. This will pave way for the party to save millions of Ghanaians from the current socio-economic hardships perpetuated by John Mahama and his NDC government. However, the over 5.2m NPP members and sympathisers in Ghana (per the 2012 election) have not been able to vote the NPP into power in the last two elections with Nana Addo as the party's Candidate. This is an indication that, the NPP needs extra votes outside its core membership to be added unto the party's 5.2m votes to cross the 50% plus one vote.

As a result, the onus lies on the presidential candidate to garner such floating votes for the party. The NPP delegates gave the opportunity to Nana Addo on three electoral occasions (run-off included) to attract these votes for the party, but he has been unable to do that for our great party. Admittedly, the NPP members love and admire Nana Addo and seriously want him to rule Ghana as president, but it is obvious from his depreciating votes - 49.13% in 2008, 48% in 2008 run-off, and 47.74% in 2012 that, Nana Addo is not the choice of the floating voter.

Since the NPP is a democratic party and cannot rely on only one candidate, who continues to lead the party into opposition, it is imperative for the NPP delegates to select someone who can win the hearts and minds of these floating voters in order to get the party, the needed power. Since Nana Addo himself believes in the floating voter, this is what he said in 1998 at the Sunyani NPP Congress; "NPP must elect a leader who has appeal outside the party and could reach out to the larger electorate and that if it fails to do this, power could once again elude it" - DAILY GRAPHIC, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8,1998. Page 11.

The question then is; who among the NPP flag-bearer aspirants stands a better chance to win the needed political power for the NPP and Ghanaians? From the many capable men and women in the NPP, it is obvious Alan Kyerematen could easily attract these floating votes for the party. This is because, Alan has the charisma, physique, competence, and experience to beat Mahama hands down. It is therefore necessary for a formidable party like the NPP to be dynamic and transformational to move away from selecting just a flag-bearer to a winnable candidate.

This calls for change since Nana Addo himself believes in change, hence the changes in the NPP leadership from Mac Manu, to Jake Obestebi Lamptey, and now Paul Afoko. Again, at the Sunyani Congress in 1998, Nana Addo shared his views on change as follows; "There has been no instance in the history of democratic politics where a leader who fails to win power at first attempt succeeds when presented the second time in succession". Given the above quote, coupled with the unique opportunities given to Nana Addo without any success, GAKE appeals to every single NPP delegate to vote for Alan Kyerematen in December to lead the NPP into victory in 2016.

Please, be part of the winning team! 'Buy' Alan, Get Power Free!

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang (National Coordinator -

0202471070/0547851100/[email protected]

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