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11.05.2004 General News

$300 Million Loan From Hairdressing Saloon?

By Ghana Palavar
$300 Million Loan From Hairdressing Saloon?
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Govt Heads For Another IFC Like Embarrassment CNT Construction Investment Limited is a Chinese Supermarket ... Developing ... The alleged office of the Chinese New Techniques (CNT) Construction and Investments Limited is a Hairdressing Saloon! This is the finding of the 'Ghana Palaver' investigation team that has been doing a “due diligence” search on the “due diligence” report on the lenders of the US$300 million loan done by the Ministry of Finance and submitted to Parliament. First of all, our investigation team found out that neither the CNT Group (Holdings) Limited nor CNTCI, the two entities mentioned as the “co-lenders” of the loan to Ghana, has an Internet website in this 21st century when even children have websites. How a supposedly “reputable” company that is in a position to lend US$300 million to a sovereign state can operate without a website is another of the puzzles in the whole CNT (“IFC” 2) scam loan saga. Second, our team found out that No. 150 Hammersmith Road, the address given in the Loan Agreement as the address of CNTCI, is a hairdressing saloon. The contact person at that address is one Debbie Taylor of “Wish Hairdressers” with Telephone Number 020-xxxx-xxxx. The Telephone Number given in the Loan Agreement, 00-44-xxx-xxx-xxxx, simply does not answer. The only other agency at No. 150 Hammersmith Road is “Adrenalin Arts and Entertainment”, which has a Telephone Number 020-xxxx-xxxx. Third, our team found out further that the postcode for 150 Hammersmith Road is “London W6 7JP” and not “London W6 7JZ” as given in the Loan Agreement. Both “Wish Hairdressers” and “Adrenalin Arts and Entertainment” have the same postcode, “London W6 7JP”. Anybody at that address should therefore have the same postcode. Fourth, the postcode “London W6 7JZ” is the postcode for “238A Latymer Road”, London, and not 150 Hammersmith Road. It is therefore not possible to have No. 150 Hammersmith Road with a Latymer Road postcode. Fifth, and for the technologically inadequate, good old “London A-Z” shows that there is only one “Hammersmith Road W6” in the whole of London. In the 1995 edition, under “Hammersmith”, the following are the road names that are listed: (i) Hammersmith Bri. SW13 & W6
(ii) Hammersmith Bri. Rd. W6
(iii) Hammersmith B'way W6
(iv) Hammersmith Flyover W6
(v) Hammersmith Gro. W6
(vi) Hammersmith Ind. Est. W6
(vii) Hammersmith Rd. W6 & W14*
(viii) Hammersmith Ter. W6 In other words, the possibility that there could be another “Hammersmith Road W6” where the offices of CNTCI could be located is non-existent, zilch, nil. From the above, we can only conclude that the address of Chinese New Techniques is false. Anybody interested in the search can go to, advanced search, and type “150 Hammersmith Road” in the search box and find out for himself or herself. You may do the same for W6 7JZ and prove us wrong. Good old “Kokonsa” of 'Radio Gold' went a step further. The Radio Station actually called and spoke to a voice at No. 150 Hammersmith Road. The telephone conversation, played back on the 'Kokonsa Reporting' programme on Friday 7th May 2004, is transcribed and published verbatim below: RG: Radio Gold
150: Voice at No. 150 Hammersmith Road
RG: Good Afternoon
150: Good Afternoon. Can I help you?
RG: Hello, can you hear me?
150: Yes I can hear you. Can you hear me as well?
RG: Yeah, yeah. Is this 150 Hammersmith Road, London?
150: Yeah
RG: Is this the Head Office of CNT Group Holdings Limited?
150: I think you've got the wrong number actually. This is a Hair Dressing Saloon.
RG: Which Hair Dressing Saloon is this?
150:This is Good Wish
RG: And your address is 150 Hammersmith Road?
150: Eh, not as far as I know. The phone number you are trying is 0208-563-0577.
RG: Yeah, I am looking for CNT Group Holdings Limited.
150: No, I've got no idea, sorry. This is 150 Hammersmith Road. You've got the right address but the wrong number, but obviously you rang the right number for some reason but this is a Hair Dressing Saloon, Good Wish.
RG: Who am I talking to?
150: Norria.

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