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Challenges Of Small Scale Gold Mining In Ghana

Challenges Of Small Scale Gold Mining In Ghana
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Illegal gold mining in Ghana, popularly known as galamsey, has become one of the get-rich quick avenues of the youth and other foreign nationals in the country.

Their operations have left several acres across the country desolate and degraded, leaving in their wake trenches and holes which have become death-traps. Apart from the degradation of the land, there is massive pollution to water bodies.

These operators wash their suspected minerals-laden soil in the water bodies with dangerous liquids, some of which are poisonous to both humans and animals.

This explains why the Government continues to fight against the practice of illegal mining and therefore requests all interested persons or group of persons desirous to engage in gold mining operations in the country to consult the appropriate authorities. This of course, would resolve the problems of being fallen victim to all kinds of fraud and absolute disregarding the mining regulations.

The fight against illegal mining must be a concern to all especially the chiefs and landowners; as custodians of the land and the government; who owns the natural resources.

The prospects of mining in Ghana can be very lucrative if well monitored and regulated, especially, setting up environmentally - conscious and provision of social responsibilities and amenities like quality schools, good drinking water, electricity ,recreational centers, market places, hospitals etc to the local communities.

TopAfric - an international media and business consult based in Hamburg is tasked to formulate research, scrutinize and indeed recommend a couple of credible agencies in Ghana that have been designated and licensed to undertake mining, refinery and also to purchase gold from small-scale miners and gold winners and export abroad on behalf of the small scale companies and also foreign investors.

It must however, be made clear that Gold operations in Ghana are in two sectors, the large scale sector and the small-scale sector. Generally, any mining operation with concession up to 25 acres is considered a small-scale mine.

The video clip below, shows one of the credible mining enterprises which engages in legal mining and prospecting projects. The project is mandated and subjected to supervision by the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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