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07.04.2004 General News

PNC angry with Wayo

By Evening News
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A cross-section of members and supporters of the People's National Convention (PNC) are fuming over what they describe as a combination of political insensitivity and naivety on the part of their new found firebrand Charles Kofi Wayo.

According to them, not only does it smack of Mr. Wayo's lack of understanding of the economics of running a political party, it also goes to enforce the notion held by some people within the Ghanaian populace that he is not what he claims to be – a billionaire and an international businessman.

Party insiders are reported to have told the state-owned “Evening News” that when Mr. Wayo joined the PNC after falling out with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) many PNC supporters thought, together with Dr. Edward Mahama the long time leader of the party, that the party's organizational capacity would be enhanced given that he is reputed to possess billions of cedis. He is reported to have contributed a paltry ¢2 million towards the preparation for the congress.

The PNC has had to postpone its national delegates' congress at least twice over the last two months for various reasons other than financial.

Mr. Wayo told “The Evening News” that he has made substantial financial contributions to his party towards the organization of the pending congress.

“As I am moving in my vehicle now, I have enough dollars on me to organize the congress now,” he stressed, explaining that the matter about financial contributions being made by party gurus towards the pending congress was a non-issue; rather, the media should concentrate on what he termed “serious issues” such as hunger, poverty and corruption.

According to him, the Ghanaian media has failed the nation because it had been unable to highlight the plight of the people, especially those living in rural communities.

Mr. Wayo again accused the media of providing safe haven for corrupt public officials, although he fell short of giving examples to illustrate this point. “You journalists cannot even afford a tape recorder whilst government officials feed fat on the tax payers' money, yet you refuse to speak about it,” he stormed.

He said it made no sense for the president of the Republic to ride in luxurious cars whilst children died daily because they cannot afford Medicare. He added that if all the children should die because of poverty, who will the president rule?

Asked about his chances in the pending PNC congress where he is vying for his party's flagbearership, Mr. Wayo responded that it was bright.

According to him, his party faithfuls wanted a change and that he was the right candidate to make this change possible. He however, claimed that there was no difference between him and his other opponent, Dr. Edward Mahama, because both of them stood for the same ideals and principles.

Mr. Wayo promised that should he be voted as a presidential candidate by his party and go ahead to win the presidency in December 2004, he would change the country in the first 90 days in power.