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31.03.2014 Social News

Chief says husbands must support women

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He said women often became stressed, when burdened with performing all the household chores and that in the past when men supported the women it brought some renewed joy to the family.

Bulpella-Naa Abukari Tia said this on Monday at a days community sensitization as part of the Young Urban Women Project advocacy on unpaid care work being implemented by the Northern Sector Action Centre for Awareness Creation in Bulpella in Tamale.

The three-year project conceptualized by ActionAid Ghana is being sponsored by the Norwegian Development Cooperation (NORAD) and was aimed at enhancing the Economic Participation and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of young women between 15 and 25 years.

He also cautioned women not to perceive the support by men as a sign of weakness or submissiveness and make mockery of their husbands but must appreciate and encourage them to do more.

Bulpella-Naa Abukari Tia said some families also burdened the young girls with lots of chores such as collection of water for domestic purposes, caring for children, the old, the sick and cooking, which often retrogressed their education and physical development.

Ms Kawusada Abubakari, Project Coordinator, explained that women performed a lot of responsibilities, which took so much time, energy and value but such activities were not recognized as work by the society.

She said such unpaid work had led to poor performance in schools by young girls, impeded their social life and leisure with its subsequent effects on young womens health, life expectancy and general wellbeing.

Ms Abubakari said the phenomena had made young women less powerful to have control over their sexual and reproductive rights as well as having control over their bodies.


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