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04.04.2004 Tabloid News

Prostitutes Detain SSS Students

By Hritage
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Authorities of Boa Amponsem Senior Secondary School are desperately trying to cover up a scandal that has rocked the school, following the 'arrest' and 'detention' of a group of students who patronized the services of prostitutes at a Kumasi brothel but could not pay. The students, three in number, took advantage of a school athletic tournament at the Kumasi Stadium two weeks ago and broke bounds to visit the brothel situated at Adum, an area considered to be Kumasi's 'Red Light District'. The students, allegedly after bouts of sex with three prostitutes, decided to play a fast one on the sex workers by bolting away; but the women over-powered them and locked them up in a room. The sex workers stripped them of their shirts, tore their singlets but released one of them to return to school to find money to come and 'bail' his colleagues. However, after persistent begging by residents of the area and some by-standers, the prostitutes, whose leader was named as 'Gaga', released their captives but held onto their uniforms. When Weekend Heritage visited Boa Amponsem School at Dunkwa-On-Offin, the Headmaster appeared uncooperative. At first, he flatly denied knowledge of the incident, although this reporter is privy to information that the issue was raised at a meeting of Board of Directors a week after the incident and that there had been attempts to cover it up. The Headmaster, Isaac Kojo Appiah, alias TV3, insinuated that the school uniforms in possession of the sex workers could have been stolen from the school and demanded to know from this reporter 'whether criminals who put on Military and Police attires to rob people could be described as soldiers or policemen'? The Headmaster further cautioned this reporter to be careful about what his paper published about the school and ended the interview abruptly when this reporter told him that the paper would present a balance report, which would include the school authorities' version.

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