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Where Is The Caviar?—NDC Amsterdam Queries Government

Where Is The Caviar?—NDC Amsterdam Queries Government
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The NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH, is calling on all the Diasporan Chapters of the NDC to start working as a team to strengthen and rebuild the structures that would position the NDC Party for victory come 2016. Speaking on a local internet Radio station in the Netherlands over the weekend, Mr. Dodoo, Interim Chairperson - said Ghanaians are looking for resolute results that can be measured in practical terms, and he is certain that with the good work the current administration has embarked on qua Energy Infrastructure, Revising the National Healthcare system, Agricultural incentives, etc., and the call for Ghanaians overseas to return to Ghana to help with nation-building projects are all strong indications that the NDC Party is keen on standing by its election promise, and this should be measurable.

He said Ghanaian missions overseas, have been charged with the duty of collating of data on Ghanaians living outside of Ghana , which is the first step, towards a national re-integration of acquired skills by Ghanaian professionals who are keen to return to Ghana to work towards becoming an integral part of our socio-economic structures and development. He therefore urged Ghanaians living overseas to liaison with their respective Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence, so that an executable template that can created, to enable Government to concretely identify areas of partnerships/reintegration.

On the flip side, Mr. Dodoo also highlighted the fact that the government's call fell short of the Carrot /Caviar or incentive that would appeal to Ghanaians abroad to move body and skills back to Ghana. The NDC Amsterdam branch, suggests that Government considers ways to offer returning Diasporans a tax-exemption on goods/items/personal effects etc., if they can prove they have lived over 5yrs outside of Ghana., these tax-exemption should be categorized in percentages which would be able to identify persons that have lived for example, 5 to 10-yrs, 10 to 15-yrs etc outside of Ghana and are returning to Ghana. He said the President identifies the need for us all to think out of the box, in a very constructive manner to enhance our commitments to country - Ghana, hence his call for critics to become mindful of how they position their criticisms.

Mr. Fred Morgan , also an Interim Executive of the NDC Amsterdam branch, added that the effectiveness of the transparent communication between NDC Chapters overseas and the Head Office in Accra is crucial in executing the President's call.

Ghanaians should understand that we have a leader who is keen on uniting us as a people, and therefore it is imperatively important that we all put our efforts together as a team to ensure that Ghana's development as a country becomes our prime focus.

He said, indeed , he supports the Interim Chairman's call for all NDC Chapters around the world to start working together as a team to reposition the values of the NDC Party as well as enforce the agenda of the current administration., personal egos must be set aside when it comes to National Interests he emphasized.

The NDC Amsterdam Branch, also took the opportunity to announce that henceforth it would be holding bi-monthly meetings until the next election of its Executives which would be announced soon as the communique from Accra is received.

Again we commend all NDC National Executives and our President on their professionalism to handling reactions to the Supreme Court verdict. Long live Ghana.!


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