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13.03.2013 General News

For Being Dishonest About Korle-Bu: Mess Metro TV Journalist Punches Eddie Annan

Describes him as Hollow, As He Schools him on Contracts
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The Board Chairman of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Board, Mr. Eddie Annan in his desperate attempt to cover his alleged involvement in some illegalities and to throw dust into the public's eye to believe all is well with the management of the affairs of the hospital, continues to give misleading information, pointing accusing fingers at journalists believed to be pursuing the Korle-Bu saga with critical eye.

Eddie Annan has been jumping from one station to the other trying hard to wade off his frustrations, but ended up messing the waters. On both Joy Fm morning show and News Night on 11th February 2013, he claimed not to have signed any contract at the hospital and hence dared anybody with evidence to prove that.

Also on Metro TV's Good Evening Ghana program on 19th February, 2013, he made the same statement after admitting to the fact that the hospital is bedevilled with serious cases of corruption and shady deals.

Meanwhile earlier on the program, he denied the fact that Korle-Bu was burning and he was brought to quench the fire.

He also indicated that upon coming onto the board, he decided to do a business audit to see how things are done. Interestingly, the result of his audit was to fire workers and allegedly brings staff from his defunct MASAI Limited to strategic positions at the hospital.

One would have thought that Eddie Annan would leave the Ministry of Health out of his submissions after expressing negative defiance with impunity towards the ministry's orders as far as the appointment of Mr. Nurudeen Mohammed and Godfred Ahianyo to their positions is concern, when he told Metro TV Good evening Ghana host that they, as a board still have to report to the ministry on matters affecting the hospital.

However, speaking to a Metro Tv journalist, who has also been following the Korle-Bu saga, Henry Addo, who was described by Eddie Annan as mad and an illiterate, he indicated that Eddie Annan who has within these few months conducted himself in a manner that is bringing the management of the hospital to crisis is “hollow” and for that matter is not abreast with management procedures of a facility such as Korle-Bu.

“You know because Eddie Annan is hollow, he keeps on saying he has never signed any contract when he assumed post as the Board Chairman. Look he signed service contract with Godfred Ahianyo. So is he telling us a service contract is not a contract? How can Eddie Annan be that hollow to the point that he keeps on lying to the people of Ghana,” he asked.

According to Henry Addo, he has documents of a signed service contract he signed with Godfred Ahianyo, calling on Eddie Annan to honour his own words to resign his position.

The journalist also alleged that Eddie Annan is in the process of collapsing the office of the Supply Chain Manager, explaining that the Supply Chain Manager, Mr. Opoku Akyea was directed to hand over his duties to the newly recruited Director of Administration. Almost immediately, a directive followed that the office of the Supply Chain Manager has been abolished in the hospital.

Meanwhile, This Reporter gathered that the office of the Supply Chain Manager has been given to Godfred Ahianyo, who is alleged to be operating from that office.

Henry Addo also pointed out that Opoku Akyea was sacked from that office after Eddie Annan cooked a flimsy story that he (Akyea) ordered for Oxygen to the hospital without due process and pocket the difference on the prices of the order.

“However checks conducted at the hospital indicate that the Supply Chain Manager done that to save the then CEO's head from shame, when the late president Mills was visiting the hospital. That time there was no oxygen at the hospital, so Opoku Akyea had to order oxygen from another supplier who was able to supply the hospital on time. You see they are using this against Opoku Akyea,” he said.

“But Eddie Annan in his desire to see to it that his cronies, employees at MASAI get to positions at the hospital to allegedly aide him in collapsing the institution, allegedly connived with members of the Board and the Acting CEO to scrape the office of the supply chain manager, rendering that office useless, creating the opportunity for Godfred Ahianyo,” Henry said.

Mohammed Saani Ibrahim
Mohammed Saani Ibrahim

Journalist/reporter at The Accra TimesPage: MohammedSaaniIbrahim

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