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6 April 2012 | General News

Japan supports NADMO with $8.5 million worth of vehicles

Ghana| Joy News TV| Matilda Dennis

The Japanese government has donated 8.5 million dollars worth of vehicles for disaster relief to the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) in Accra.

The vehicles include two graders, four bulldozers, four excavators, seven water tankers, seven tipper trucks and twenty-one cargo trucks of various sizes.

The commissioning of the event brought together representatives from the Japanese government, NADMO officials as well as chiefs and queen mothers of the Ga traditional area.

The Japanese Ambassador, Naoto Nikai who commissioned the vehicles said the assistance comes from a program named “Program for the improvement of capabilities to cope with natural disasters caused by climate change”.

He added Japan is a responsible member of the international community committed to assisting other countries frequently affected by disasters.

Vice President John Dramani Mahama who inspected the vehicles noted that women and children who fall within the vulnerable group are the most affected by disasters.

He thus appealed to NADMO to practice prevention ahead of management to save the lives of these vulnerable groups as well as property and money.

He also appealed to NADMO officials to take ownership of the vehicles donated and maintain them regularly instead of detaching themselves from that responsibility.

Japan last year suffered from an earthquake and a tsunami which led to the lost of hundreds of lives and property - a disaster the country is yet to recover from fully.

Vice President Mahama said Ghanaians must learn to emulate the Japanese attitude towards giving.

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