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26.03.2012 PPP News

PPP agrees with Rawlings

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The Progressive People's Party (PPP) says it agrees with former President Jerry John Rawlings on his call for a new awakening for Ghana.

The former president Monday issued a statement accusing the ruling government of speeding the country into an abyss. He therefore called on Ghanaians to draw near and seek God's guidance in “honest, unpretentious prayer of supplication especially as Easter approaches.”

The PPP has in a statement expressed agreement with former President Rawlings that, “When you find yourself in an unintended pit or hole the wise thing to do is to stop digging. It does not appear the Mills government is able to see the growing darkness around them.”

The PPP statement signed by Kofi Asamoah-Siaw, National Secretary, said “We the progressives are in full agreement that “Ghana needs a real and true awakening. The government is fast speeding the country into an abyss and as Easter draws near, let us seek God's guidance in honest, unpretentious prayer of supplication.”

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