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21.03.2012 General News

Kama Boss Schools Teachers

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THE CHIEF Executive Officer of Kama Group of Companies, Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, has observed that the inclusion of entrepreneurship in the teaching skills of teachers in the Senior High Schools across the country will go far to reduce graduate unemployment.

Dr. Addo made the observation during a day's seminar organised under the auspices of Kama Education Project (KEP) in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service.

The programme, which was held last Friday on the theme 'Unleashing The Entrepreneurial Potential  Of The Teacher In The 21 st Century', sought to develop the right hand side of the brain of the over hundred teachers who converged on the Kama Conference Centre for the seminar.

Dr. Addo urged teachers to be tolerant and be patient with their students while they tried to understand them.

He said while teaching children, teachers should ensure that their students came out of school as educated persons and not academic persons.

He explained that children should be taught in a manner that they would understand the entrepreneurial value of the courses they studied which would eventually let them know the kind of job opportunities which existed for them so.

That would let them make the right choices as they grew.

He encouraged teachers as well as parents to invest in toys as they were not just for fun.

He explained that toys built up the brains of children and effectively trained the right hand side of the brain which mostly controls colour, creativity, music, arts, imagination, and talents among others.

The left side of the brain, Dr Addo noted, was more of the academics and logic which others had already explored.

The entrepreneurial revolution of the 21 st century is a moment to reward persons who are using their right hand side of the brain to improvise measures in solving problems.

The coordinator of KEP, Mrs. Barbra Blankson, said her NGO's passion was to ensure self-employment so as to reduce job application letters and the spate of unemployment in the country, thereby reducing poverty.

The Director-General of GES, Naana Biney, in a speech read on her behalf, noted that the work of a teacher had a lifelong impact on students, adding that it could either mar or make them.

She regretted that after passing with flying colours from the SHS as well as the universities, there were no jobs for the young graduates.

'Today's teacher must therefore be in touch with the entrepreneurial revolution of the 21 st Century.'   

She asked teachers to make the effort to understand it and help their students to develop ideas out of the subjects they taught to make a good living by creating jobs for themselves and others.

She asked that teachers use the knowledge to better their lot while attempting to teach students to appreciate the entrepreneurial value of every course they studied.

The seminar is the first of a series lined up by KEP to equip teachers countrywide with entrepreneurial skills.

It is hoped that beneficiary teachers would impart the knowledge to their students to become entrepreneurs in the future.

The seminar currently is being piloted with teachers at the various SHS in the Accra Metropolis only.

Thirteen selected schools presented twenty teachers each to participate in the seminar.

BY Rocklyn Antonio

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