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25.12.2011 Public Messages

Statement: NDC wishes Ghanaians well on Christmas

By Ghana l
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) extends its warmest felicitations to all Ghanaians on the occasion of Christmas.

Christmas signifies the birth of Christ as stipulated on the Christian calendar. NDC shares this belief and views the occasion as a special period for mankind to preach peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation, irrespective of creed, religion and tribe.

Ghana has earned an enviable record of upholding rule of law and freedom of expression which are essential requirements in any multi-party democratic environment. There is no doubt that the nation's sense of patriotism and unity have played a major role in the achievement of this monumental democratic success.

As the world celebrates this momentous occasion, we urge all Ghanaians to pray for God's love and peace to enable the country to consolidate the prevailing peace and stability as the nation prosecute the Better Ghana Agenda.

The NDC therefore reiterates its appreciation to all Ghanaians, especially other political parties for contributing their quota towards nation building through criticism. Their contribution has been very useful in the country's socio-economic and political discourses.

The NDC wishes to use this occasion to entreat motorists and Ghanaians in general to observe strictly the traffic regulations, drive safely and be measured in their celebration to ensure a very peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

We wish all Ghanaians and the Diaspora a very peaceful Christmas and prosperous new year.

Sign: George Lawson, Deputy General Secretary (Operations), NDC

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