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As I was surfing the internet for news making headlines lately, I chanced upon an article on ghanaweb, originally published by Ghana's most useless newspaper, THE INFORMER, also edited and published by castle NDC propaganda machinery with Michael Trokosi Dokosi as its editor in chief. In the said article captioned 'Data Bank in Hot Waters, Michael Trokosi Dokosi whose trokosi kinsfolk ardent hatred for Ashantis is unprecedented in the country ostensibly jumps to the defence of manhyia palace and its occupant, the Asantehene as he tries to vilify Ofori Panin Fie and its occupant, the Okyenhene. Obviously, the drug allegations against the flag bearer of the NPP had not washed so the NDC government propaganda machinery has now moved from Akufo Addo's unsubstantiated drug allegation to knocking the heads of Akyems and Asantes together as 2012 defeat stirs them in the face but not so fast Mr Trokosi Dokosi as this knocking of heads agenda would not see the light of day.NDC obviously panics over an Asante- Akyem unity, and Mr Trokosi Dokosi and his ilk would do anything to destroy this unity because over the years a united Akyems and Asantes in any course had being a force to reckon with.

Now to the issues of the elevation of the Okyenhene over the Asantehene as claimed by the trokosi group of companies when Akufo Addo becomes president come 2013 is neither here nor there. I must say emphatically that whether we like it or not the Asantehene and the Okyenhene had always being the most powerful chiefs in Ghana even before colonialism and after independence and the history books are there to testify to this fact I know some people are not happy about. Again both the Asantehene and the Okyenhene status in society today as the most powerful chiefs in Ghana had been achieved over the years by their forebears, they also enjoy a very high level of prominence where ever they are whether in Ghana or outside Ghana and therefore no single individual can change that. What Mr. Michael Dokosi Trokosi failed to recognise is that the success of the NPP goes beyond Akans let alone the Ashantis and Akims. Again, Akans and Ghanaians in general except his ilk who are in the minority are very discerning and had gone beyond this pettiness.

Perhaps Michael Trokosi Dokosi should be concerned with the dying trokosi practice of his kinsfolk and leave Asantes to worry over that even if that is the case. In any case the Asantehene and the Okyenhene continues to gain respect and recognition day in day out whilst the trokosi practice of Mr Dokosi and his kinsfolk continue to die day in day out as the world governing body make plans to eradicate the trokosi practice and its concomitant shrines like eradicating poverty.

Another article by one Akyena Brantuo also sought to promote this same agenda of Mr. Trokosi Dokosi, where he also posited of the deepening of the purported rivalry between Asantes and Akyems with the establishment of JAK foundation. I must say as Akyems, Asantes, Akans and Ghanaians we are all better off under an NPP government than an NDC one and therefore must not buy those cheap propaganda messages of the NDC which aims at knocking our heads together at the expense of the NPP. Finally, it would serve the Asantehene's and Okyenhene's as well as the chieftaincy institution in general's purpose and interest to support the NPP because it is only the NPP with its chieftaincy background would support the growth of the chieftaincy in the country. Long live a united NPP.

By Kwaku Yeboah
[email protected]

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