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Clergyman troubled by activities of magicians and diviners

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May 03, 2011
Accra, May 3, GNA - Reverend Eastwood Anaba, President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries and Founder of the Fountain Gate Chapel International, has expressed dissatisfaction at the infiltration of magicians and diviners in the church.

He also condemned pastors who focus their preaching on prosperity to the neglect of righteousness and holiness saying “When you tune to the radio or television these days what you hear or watch is diviners, palm readers and magicians performing their magic in the name of Jesus”.

Rev. Eastwood, who expressed the concern during an 'Extra Oil' Conference at Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, said the doctrine of Christendom was missing as “magicians have smuggled themselves into the church”.

He said the magicians and diviners were using money to steal the conscience of the church “to the extent that people of God cannot preach righteousness and holiness any longer”.

Rev. Eastwood said, some people were pretending to be practising Christianity but they have turned evangelism into a supermarket.

He said: “The weary heart of men are crying for the true word of God and the sound doctrine of the resurrected Christ but cannot find it, because the real people of the word have less means to afford air time to preach the gospel”.

Rev. Anaba said the as the church was becoming worldly, and until the people of God abstain from doctrines, which could lead to destruction and embrace doctrines of Jesus Christ, they would miss the real essence Christianity.

He stressed that " Godliness with contentment is essential, but Christians pay thousands of dollars to obtain doctorate and bishoprics titles because of vain glory".

Rev. Eastwood said some people had bought front seats in their churches, denying others of using such facilities.

He called on the clergy to preach the love of God, which was revealed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the world.


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